DondeEsta Family App Review

By:  Karen Del Ben

A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick


The Donde Esta Family App is unlike any other app I have used and reviewed before.  This app allows you as the parents to keep track of where your children (presumably pre-teens or teenagers) are at all times.

Parents are able to program each child’s school schedule in the app and also be notified if their child is not at school during school hours. Along with this feature, parents can also be notified regarding when they leave the house and when they come back home. 

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One of my favourite features of this app is that it allows your child to communicate with you about their whereabouts.  For example, your child can select to send you a quick message stating that they are okay, or that they want to be picked up.  This can be set up with either parent on a smart phone.  Then the parent’s phone will receive a notification from the child.

This app also allows you to track what your spouse is doing as well. (But not in a stocker way) It’s helpful for situation where I am trying to get a hold of my husband and I’m not quite sure where he is, or to make sure he made it to work on days where weather can be a concern.

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Overall this is the ultimate app for parents with kids on the go.  It gives families the sense of security even when they are not together. Check out this amazing app for your busy family and schedule, it has so much to offer.


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