Mommies today are a force to be admired. Raising our children, working hard and now many of them becoming entrepreneurs! Now that so many Moms are venturing in business, as a multiple business owner I have 10 things I would say to a new Mompreneur setting out on her adventure to start her own business.

1. You probably will work between naps- You are lucky enough to get your children down for a nap then you are working on your business. Answering emails, taking orders, scheduling meetings or taking phone meetings are some of the things you will have to do.

2. Believe in yourself- Every entrepreneur has doubts. Owning your own business is like holding up a mirror to your face everyday. You have to answer to yourself about every decision you are making. That can be scary and you may doubt yourself, but in the end nothing feels more free then to call your own shots.

3.The Growth of Your Business Will Take Time- As all businesses will take time to grow, yours may take longer since you are watching little ones. Do not fret. You have a great idea and you have to stick to it!

4. Others Will Tell You It Is Impossible To Do Both. It Is Possible- There are always the nay sayers. Those who believe that you cannot be a great mom and a great business woman. It has been done years before and it will be done again by you. Take their criticism lightly.

5. Find Your Niche In Taking Care of Your Children and Running Your Business- Their is a way to balance both, but depending if your situation, the community you have built around you and the amount of help you get, you will find your niche in balancing time, family and the success of your business.

6. Know Your Limits- If being a Mom is not hard enough, being a Mom and owning a business is! You are a super mom, but you are only human, give yourself some time, don’t burn the candle at both ends. You will be a better Momma and business owner because of it!