Hey Mamas! Check out this new type of self defense: M.A.M.A.!



M.A.M.A. Self-Defense
What is M.A.M.A.?
M.A.M.A. stands for Mothers Against Malicious Acts. It is a unique self-defense program designed specifically for moms that addresses every self-defense related motherly concern from how to fight against an attacker while holding an infant, to what to do if you are carjacked with your kids in the backseat. It also addresses what and how to teach your children about self-defense. The training course and informative materials that M.A.M.A. offers provide realistic, effective, and easy to execute strategies aimed at teaching moms how to protect themselves, and most importantly, their kids.

Who is M.A.M.A. for?

M.A.M.A. is for all mothers and women in charge of caring for children; grandmothers, aunts, nannies, and teachers are all welcome to participate in the program as well. This program is designed for women of ALL ages, shapes, experience levels, physical abilities, fitness levels, and athletic skills. The simplicity of the techniques makes the M.A.M.A. moves realistic to attain and easy to retain. And the small class size means that Jarrett can work closely with you to modify skills according to your specific needs, such as working with an injury.

Why was M.A.M.A. created?
During the years in which Jarrett ran a prominent Los Angeles-based self-defense program for children she would always invite the moms to participate in the adult self-defense program. Inevitably she would get the same excuses: no time, out of shape, not athletic, scared to get hurt, not an aggressive person, or just not my thing. Over time she realized that the typical self-defense course is not super mom-friendly.

Many classes are large, coed, high-intensity, physically strenuous, and meant to be taken over long periods of time. Additionally, almost all civilian self-defense courses are built around SELF-defense. Third-party protection strategies are reserved for law enforcement, military, and professional bodyguards. But mothers ARE essentially bodyguards, responsible for the most precious of cargo. Therefore, a self-defense program for mothers must be based on the concept that moms need to protect not just themselves but also their kids.
Mothers spend the majority of their time protecting and nurturing their children in one way, shape, or form but no system existed to teach them how to effectively protect their kids during the threat of a violent encounter. So Jarrett created one! She designed a course specifically for mothers that is useful, do-able, safe, fun, and to the point.

The M.A.M.A. Advantage

Specifically for Moms
Learning how to defend yourself when you’re on your own is one thing. When you are a mom, your priorities shift drastically. One of the most formidable forces on the planet is a mother’s urge to protect her children, but when faced with the threat of an assault, your maternal instincts might not be enough. M.A.M.A. is a self-defense course specifically designed to address the unique needs of moms. The classes, workshops and courses focus on three special areas that are specific to moms: (1) Protect yourself and your kids through risk reduction strategies, awareness training, mental preparation, and physical techniques. (2) Educate your children wisely by learning what to teach them about personal safety when they are with you and when they are on their own. (3) Learn how to effectively transfer that knowledge to your kids through age-appropriate conversations, exercises, and games in a safe and encouraging manner.

Simple, Realistic Moves…No Fluff
The M.A.M.A. curriculum is based on the Israeli system of self-defense called Krav Maga. Straight-forward striking to vulnerable areas, defensive moves utilizing instinctive responses, and no-nonsense aggression training make the M.A.M.A. techniques easy to learn, easy to retain, and incredibly effective. The moves are based on function only and never on aesthetics. They are designed to work even in the face of dramatic disadvantages in size, weight, and strength. The program is concise and to the point, focusing on getting you life-saving self-defense skills quickly and efficiently. The M.A.M.A. course is designed for everyone, so no prior experience is needed. The techniques are direct and methodical so no athletic ability is needed. And the classes are designed to challenge you at whatever fitness level you currently have, non-exercisers are welcome!

Self-Defense Taught by a Woman

Simply put: it takes one to know one. Not only do women learn differently, but we have a unique set of physical, mental, and emotional obstacles to overcome when it comes to self-defense. With M.A.M.A., students learn from an instructor who understands firsthand what it takes to level the playing field. By first creating a safe, supportive, and encouraging training environment, Jarrett teaches you how to address size and weight disadvantages, which techniques will actually work in a real-life attack, how to tap into unbridled aggression, and how to develop the mindset and skill set necessary to win when your life and the life of your child is on the line.

Don’t Mess with M.A.M.A – The Foundation DVD

M.A.M.A. stands for Mothers Against Malicious Acts. It is the first self-defense system of its kind, designed exclusively for mothers as well as all women responsible for the care of children. Join celebrity self-defense expert, Jarrett Arthur, as she teaches her flagship class: The Foundation.

• Effective skills against any size assailant
• Successfully defend your infant or toddler
• Easy to implement safety tips and strategies
• Realistic, straightforward striking techniques
• Fun, positive safety games to play with your child


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