63 Of The Best Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

If you have a baby boy in your life, you want to give him birthday wishes! These birthday wishes for baby boy are guaranteed to warm your heart and inspire you for those perfect words. Now that your favorite baby boy has a birthday coming up soon, you will have to find the perfect words for his birthday wishes. Don’t worry, The Baby Spot team has unique, insightful and loving well wishes that you won’t find anywhere else! We have put together our very own well wishes for you to use to describe how much your little one means to you.

Whether this is your son, nephew or a friends child, we have the best birthday wishes for a baby boy!

Why Birthday Wishes?

Many parents of their child save their birthday cards and scrapbook them so their child can have them when they are older. One of the most beautiful keepsakes a person can have, is the handwritten notes of friends, family and even grandparents to share with them for the rest of their lives.

For someone to have their grandparents wishes and signature after they are gone gives a person a glimpse of how much they meant to their grandparents. Similarly, it is great to see cousins, friends and close family write well wishes to one when they were young. It can really be a keep sake for someone. It is full of memories and can pick someone up when they are feeling down.

Lastly, the cards themselves are a sign of the times. What are modern cards today will be classics in the future. It is fun to keep a piece of the past and see some of the cool designs and art work on the cards.

In essence, birthday wishes make people happy!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

It is this little sweetheart’s birthday and he has been melting hearts since he has been born! It’s time to write the perfect birthday wish for this baby boy. We have everything from sweet to funny for you to choose the perfect birthday wishes!

  • Happy birthday to our little one! A year has gone by so fast and it has been a joy watching you grow and learn. You make us so proud to be your parents. Remember to tell you child how much you love them at the end of your happy birthday wishes.
  • You have made our family whole with your smile and laughter. Happy birthday little one!
  • Happy birthday to our big boy who we know will do big things! The world is yours. We love you.
  • Wow, a year has gone by and we just keep falling in love with you over and over again. Happiest of birthdays beautiful boy!
  • Another year older, another year full of your light, laughter and love. We love you so much little one. We are proud to be your parents.
  • May God bless your every step and every thought as you become another year older. We love you.

 8 Adorable Ideas For A birthday wish for baby boy

  • Birthday boy, happy birthday! You are one year older and getting ready to spread your wings to fly. We are so proud of you!
  • Happy birthday little boy! With age comes wisdom and we are so excited on what blessings the next year will bring for you.
  • As you blow out another candle on your birthday, we can’t believe how fast you have grown and how much you have learned. We love you os much! Happy birthday.
  • On your special day, know that you are our special boy! Enjoy every moment of your birthday. We love you.
  • Today is your birthday and we are so lucky to be your parents. We hope you have a great day. Love Mom and Dad
  • With every step, we realize how fast you are growing. You are intelligent, handsome and a special person in our lives.
  • Never forget how much you are loved by so many! Happy birthday to our son!
  • Little one, every day has been such a blessing. Cheers to many, many more!

1st Birthday Wishes For Little Boy

When your little boy reaches his first birthday, you can’t believe how fast the time has gone! Wasn’t it just yesterday you were holding him in your arms for the first time? After the hours of labor and nine months of carrying him, he is finally here. Now, a year has past and you celebrate his first birthday milestone.

Your little boy has accomplished so much in his first year already! He is probably smiling, laughing and crawling. Your son may even be walking and talking a little too! His features have changed. He has lost his newborn face and is now so wide eyed and ready to see the world! He is communicating his needs and wants and may even be climbing. Whatever the stage he is at, he is happy to be with you. Here are some top 1st birthday wishes for a little boy that you are guaranteed to love and be inspired by.

Beautiful 1st Birthday Wishes for a Boy

  • One year has gone by so fast but our love for you only grows! Have a wonderful 1st birthday little boy!
  • Happy 1st birthday to our little boy! Cheers to a great year ahead. We love you so much.
  • One year has passed and we have watched you grow. You have went from a little baby who was just a newborn to a bright eyed spry little boy! We are so thankful to have you in our lives. All of our love, Mom and Dad.
  • You have gone from that precious little newborn to a precarious little boy. We love you so much!
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful 1st year! You are the apple of our eye. Have a wonderful birthday! Love Mom and Dad.
  • A little boy with dreams in his eyes and hope in his head will have a wonderful life ahead. All of our love!
  • We were so happy the day you are born! Now that you are one years old, we could not be more prouder of you for everything you have learned in this first year. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you.
  • One year around the sun and you are the light of our lives! Happy birthday to our precious one year old!
  • 365 days have gone by and we are so thankful to have each and every one with you! Happy birthday.


2nd Birthday Wishes For A Little Boy

A second birthday is an important milestone! Your baby is no longer a baby but a happy, bouncing toddler. The two year old has realized that he is his own person and that he can walk, climb and run where he wants to! Well, within reason. Your child has learned to walk and is probably talking a lot. Maybe he is speaking in two word sentences! He is identifying his alphabet and trying to sing songs. Most of all, he is busy. Very busy! He is looking for the next shiny thing to take, or the big piece of furniture to climb. There are so many ways to describe a two year old. On your little boy’s second birthday, here are some great 2nd birthday wishes for a little boy to describe his overall awesomeness.

2nd Birthday Wish For Baby Boy

  • Like all birthday cards, be sure to put how much you love your two year old at the end of your 2nd birthday wishes for your little boy!
  • Two times the excitement, two times the fun, happy 2nd birthday to our little one! We love you.
  • Happy birthday two year old! May your days be filled with new adventures, more things to explore and lots of fun stories. All of our love.
  • Two times the adventure, two times the fun, two years of excitement, but you’re not done! Happy birthday.
  • Have a wonderful second birthday! We love you so much and we can’t believe what a big boy you have become.
  • Happy birthday TWO YOU! Our special two year old, have a wonderful birthday. We know this will be one exciting year.
  • It seems like yesterday you were a baby in our arms. Now you are a two year old ready to take the world by storm. Happy birthday.
  • You were once a baby bird and now you are ready to spring out of the nest. Happy birthday and soar high. Love you always.

Adorable 2nd birthday wishes for a baby boy

  • We can’t believe that you are already two years old! Time is going by so fast. We all hope you enjoy every second of it. We love you!
  • Watching you hit your milestones for the last two years has been our joy. Keep smiling our special little guy! Love Mom and Dad.
  • You are not just adorable, you are TWOdorable. We are so happy that you are our son. Happy birthday.
  • Two trips around the sun and you are the light of our life! We love to celebrate our second birthday with our son.
  • Happy birthday TWO you! Happy Birthday TWO you! To our dear son, Happy birthday. Love your family.
  • Two years young and so much fun ahead in your life. Happy birthday to our little boy!
  • Yummy birthday cake, your favorite food, our loving family and you! Happy second birthday little one!
  • Everyone loves you little two year old. You have brightened our lives with your presence. Cheers to many, many more years of happiness and delightful memories. Love your Mom and Dad.
  • Bright eyes, messy hair and a big smile. Being two never looked so good! Have a wonderful birthday.

1 Month Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

The first month of your little boy’s life can feel like a whirlwind. One moment you are giving birth and the next moment, it is your son’s first month milestone. We want to remember every single moment and be present for every future memory. Here are some beautiful 1 month birthday wishes for a little boy guaranteed to make you smile and to bring your son so much positivity.

Find A 1st Month Birthday Wish for Baby Boy

  • Ten months ago you were a dream, 9 months ago you were a hope. One month ago you were a dream come true and now you are my perfect reality. Happy first month my precious son!
  • Baby smiles, baby laughs, baby coos, baby snuggles. I love my little one month old!
  • Thank you for choosing us to be your parents! Happy one month birthday.
  • We can’t believe how quickly one month has gone by! We love you so much.
  • You may be only one month old, but we cannot imagine life before you! We are so thankful that you are our son.
  • We want our baby boy to know that even though you are only one month old, we hoped and wished for you for a very long time. Happy one month birthday!
  • Our precious baby, we have so many hopes and dreams for you. We want only the best for you. Happy one month birthday.
  • You have completed your first month with us and we cannot wait for all that good things that life has in store for you!
  • We could never imagine that new baby smile, that new baby smell, that new baby voice, that new baby face. We are so thankful for our new baby!
  • One month ago you changed our lives forever. Happy one month baby boy!
  • One month ago I was given a son for the rest of my life. You have given me a gift that I could never repay you back for! Happy one month birthday.
  • One month down, many more to go! We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives with you!
  • We hoped for you when you were a thought, we held you when you arrived and we can’t wait to chase you when you start to crawl! Happy one month baby boy.
  • Who knew that someone so small could play such a big part in our lives? So thankful for you today and always.
  • You are so young but you have already given us a lifetime of love. Happy One Month birthday!

6 Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

It has been half a year since you have been born and we want to celebrate your half a year with us! Here are some beautiful 6 month birthday wishes for a baby boy. These are one of a kind birthday wishes that you will not see anywhere else because we made them all up! Remember to write how much you love your little one at the end of your birthday wishes for baby boy!

  • A half a year has gone by but you have already made our hearts full. Happy 6 month birthday!
  • Heart melting smiles, wet kisses, adorable coos, six months with you is a piece of heaven! Happy half birthday!
  • Happy half birthday precious little boy! We love you.
  • Only six months have gone by but you have filled our lives with happiness. Happy 6 month birthday!
  • Six months of sweet smiles, happy moments and beautiful memories. We love you.
  • How can someone only six months old bring a lifetime of happiness? So thankful for all six months of you.
  • In only six months you have given us the best moments of our lives. Thank you so much for being you!
  • How can a half a year go by so quickly? Time flies when you’re having fun! Thank you little boy.


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