Letter G Show and Tell Ideas – Show and tell is such an exciting time for children of all ages. They get to share what they love but also learn from their peers. Sometimes, a teacher or instructor will assign one letter to each student. From there, the student must find a show and tell item corresponding to that letter. We have hundreds of show-and-tell ideas from A to Z. Here are our top choices for the Letter G.

Letter G Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are 85 show-and-tell ideas related to the letter “G,” along with brief descriptions for each:


Bring a toy or picture of a giraffe and share interesting facts about these tall animals.


Play a simple tune or showcase your guitar and talk about different types of guitars.


Show a globe and discuss the continents, countries, and geography.


Share photos or actual plants from your garden and talk about gardening tips.


Bring a pet goldfish and discuss its care and habitat.


Share pictures or stories about your grandparents and their influence on your life.


Talk about outer space and show pictures of galaxies from astronomy books.


Bring gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house to share.

Greek Mythology:

Share stories of Greek gods and goddesses.

Game Board:

Share a favorite board game and explain how to play it.


Discuss how a greenhouse works and what you can grow in one.


Show off swimming or safety goggles and explain their uses.


Bring pictures of goats and discuss their milk and cheese production.


Share different types of glass and their uses (e.g., stained glass, safety glass).


Demonstrate a simple gymnastic move or show pictures from gymnastics competitions.


Show a picture or a toy grasshopper and talk about its characteristics.


Display different rocks and minerals and explain how they are formed.


Show pictures of gazelles and discuss their habitats.

Ghost Stories:

Share a spooky ghost story (age-appropriate, of course).


Discuss famous travelers and explorers who’ve been around the globe.


Show pictures of glaciers and explain how they shape the landscape.

Green Energy:

Talk about renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

Gummy Bears:

Bring gummy bears to share and discuss how they are made.

Gold Rush:

Share the history of gold rushes, such as the California Gold Rush.


Explain the concept of gravity and demonstrate its effects with simple experiments.


Show different types of grains (e.g., wheat, rice, oats) and their uses.

Great Barrier Reef:

Discuss this natural wonder and its importance.


Share some interesting gadgets and their purposes.


Talk about glider planes and how they work.

Green Thumb:

Discuss gardening tips and tricks for those with a “green thumb.”


Explain the art of glassblowing and show glassblown items.

Growth Rings:

Show a tree stump cross-section to explain growth rings.


Share pictures of gargoyles on old buildings and their purpose.

Garbage Trucks:

Bring in a toy garbage truck and discuss waste disposal.

Granola Bars:

Share different types of granola bars and their ingredients.


Talk about different generations (e.g., Baby Boomers, Millennials) and their characteristics. For little ones, talk about their grandparents, parents and loved ones of different ages.


Show various gemstones and discuss their properties.


Share what you are grateful for and why.

Grains of Sand:

Bring in a microscope to show the beauty of sand grains up close.

Green Screen:

Explain how green screens are used in filmmaking and show a simple demonstration.


Display geodes and explain how they form.


Discuss how GPS navigation works and its applications.

Gardening Tools:

Show different gardening tools and their uses.

Global Warming:

Discuss the effects of global warming and ways to combat it.


Share a comic strip or book featuring the character Garfield.

Gold Medal:

Show a gold medal and talk about Olympic games.

Guinness World Records:

Share interesting records from the Guinness World Records.

Gondola Rides:

Talk about gondola rides in Venice and show pictures.


Share different types of grapes and their uses (e.g., eating, wine).

Galapagos Islands:

Discuss the unique wildlife and geography of the Galapagos Islands.


Explain the science of gemstones and how they are valued.

Glass Etching:

Demonstrate glass etching techniques.

Graffiti Art:

Show pictures of graffiti art and discuss its history and culture.

Greek Food:

Bring in Greek cuisine for a taste test.


Discuss the work of the environmental organization Greenpeace.

Glove Puppets:

Perform a short puppet show with glove puppets.

Gross Science:

Share fun and gross science experiments (e.g., slime, fake snot).

Guitars of the World:

Discuss different types of guitars from around the world.


Make guacamole and share it with the class.

Grand Canyon:

Show pictures of the Grand Canyon and discuss its formation.

Giraffe Print:

Bring clothing or items with giraffe prints.

Glitter Art:

Create art with glitter and showcase your masterpiece.

Gulliver’s Travels:

Share a summary of the classic book by Jonathan Swift. This is great for the older kids.

Galileo Galilei:

Talk about the contributions of this famous scientist.

Gravitational Waves:

Explain the recent discovery of gravitational waves. Great for older kids.

Glass Harmonica:

Share music played on a glass harmonica if available.


Explain how a gyroscope works and demonstrate its stability. Great for older children.

Garage Band:

Share music created using GarageBand software. Mom, Dad or guardian can help!

Great Wall of China:

Discuss the history and significance of this iconic structure.

Garden Insects:

Show pictures of common garden insects and their roles.

Garden Decorations:

Display decorative items used in gardens.

Galápagos Tortoise:

Talk about these giant tortoises and their conservation.

Gas Masks:

Show historical gas masks and explain their use.

Ghost Hunting:

Discuss ghost hunting equipment and experiences.

Gaelic Culture:

Share aspects of Gaelic culture, such as music and dance.

Gym Equipment:

Explain how different gym equipment is used for exercise.

Golden Gate Bridge:

Show pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and its construction.


Share your geocaching adventures and explain the activity.

Glacial Landforms:

Discuss landforms created by glaciers (e.g., moraines, fjords).

Glass Sculptures:

Show glass sculptures created by artists.

Gymnastics Achievements:

Share achievements of famous gymnasts.

Galaxy Art:

Create artwork inspired by galaxies and display it.

Garden Birdhouse:

Show a decorative birdhouse for gardens.

Growth Charts:

Share your childhood growth chart and discuss growth.


Talk about the uses of garlic in cooking and its health benefits.

These show-and-tell ideas should provide a wide range of options to choose from when presenting something related to the letter “G.”