CNN Hero Rabbi G

A CNN HERO Rabbi G began a non profit organization, Kids Kicking Cancer, after watching his very young daughter die of cancer over 30 years ago.  Rather than fall into a hole of despair, Rabbi G decided to channel his grief toward helping other children and their families.   His powerful mantra- POWER PEACE PURPOSE and the term he coined and trademarked BREATH BRAKE really speaks volumes for children with cancer.  Rabbi G has taken his program globally and you can find him in remote parts of Africa and in small villages in Asia helping children to regain their power in the face of their illness.  Very remarkably, Rabbi G has been able to use his powerful techniques for children and adults everywhere with and without illness and he has been invited to teach his program to corporate executives both in the U.S. as well as across the globe.  Empowering parents and their children to regain their sense of self and empower them after trauma and illness has shown children everywhere that these techniques really DO work.   Children can feel helpless and disempowered many times during the course of their daily activities in the classroom, in the playground and even in the home.  Rabbi G is bringing his program to schools everywhere so that ALL children can reap the benefits.  You don’t want to miss our conversation and you will be laughing and crying during this poignant interview.


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