A Mermaid Called Marissa

mermaid called marissa

By: Melanie Braga


Twitter: @melmbraga

This week a new book landed on our list that introduces young readers to the ocean in a new book called, A Mermaid Called Marissa. This book is written and illustrated by Georgie Cornwell.

A Mermaid Called Marissa engages young readers to explore the sea through a mermaid’s eyes by the name of Marissa. The adventure begins with a game of hide and seek and Marissa ends up wandering away far from home. She ends up lost in a sea tunnel that she was warned about previously by Merrick, a wise old merman. Marissa gets captivated by a glittering starfish and ends up going into the tunnel. By adventuring into the tunnel she meets new friends and learns about the amazing things her new friends do to keep the ocean clean from the garbage that is thrown in it.

The message from this story is a great one as it shows how littering the ocean, in this case, can be damaging to the beautiful creatures that live in it. “The aim of my story is not just to entertain but also to educate children using subtle approaches,” said Cornwell. “My hope is that through this approach children will start asking their own questions about the effects waste has on the environment.” What a great message to send to the future leaders of our world!

The illustrations reflect and capture the beautiful ocean and creatures that live in it. Each page brought the artwork to life and it is beautifully done.

This book is a great read for young children five to nine years of age and especially perfect for a young reader with a love of the ocean and mermaids.
To purchase this lovely book visit, http://www.amazon.com/Mermaid-Called-Marissa-Georgie-Cornwell/dp/1514463768.

– Momma Braga