The Three Little Mittens– Stripes is a single mitten and Dotty and Other Dotty make sure that Stripes know that single mittens really do not have a use if they don’t have a partner. As something suddenly changes, all of the mittens realize that they have a purpose after all. Discover this wonderful book by author Linda Bailey that has a wonderful lesson.

What’s It About

Stripes is missing their partner. Other Stripes was lost somewhere, but the mittens are not too sure. Dotty and other Dotty are partners and they are not willing to validate Stripes’ purpose if Stripes does not have a partner. Stripes is upset, it seems like everyone has a partner and a purpose.

Things take a huge turn when Other Stripes goes missing. Now, Stripes and Dotty are partners and even though they’re not a match, they are enjoying each other. When Other Stripes is finally found, Dotty now feels lost. However, when things change, the mittens see life in a completely different way.

We love the meanings in this book. Your children will love and relate to the storyline of Linda Bailey and the adorable illustrations by Natalia Shaloshvili. Additionally, you as a parent will appreciate the “never judge a book by its cover” lesson and “give new people a chance.” These simple yet profound life lessons are things we learn (and re-learn) again and again throughout our lives.

Tundra Books promotes inclusivity with this beautiful book.

three little mittens book review

Extra Credit

Have your children create or draw their own mitten designs. Which mismatched pairs pair best? Parents will see their children’s creativity shine! Children will have fun designing their own mittens and pairing mis-matched pairs of mittens with one another. What are their personalities like? Your children will tell some neat stories that may surprise you!