Are you a parent looking for some great DIY websites? Here are five great DIY blogs that will inspire you…


Purple Alphabet

This Mom of three makes some great Youtube videos to inspire you and your children. Looking for fun, easy DIY crafts that stimulate your child? This is a great set of videos.

Check out this one that inspires your child’s sensory skills!



Joy Kids Universe


Prepare to be inspired! These series of books will inspire both parent and child to find the joy in the world around them with DIY games and fun. Stay with us as we are reviewing Joy Kids Universe next week!


Next Generation SAHM


Renee’s blog is inspirational. There is a new generation of Stay at Home Moms who are creative, witty and full of fun! This blog is fantastic for party ideas, recipes and insights, let this blog be your confidant in making your little one’s life full of great memories!

Take And Make

This is such an interesting DIY site! They bring the best DIY tips and you can order their kits! You can also make your own kits and sell them to your followers. They have really fun and rare kits that is fun for both parents and kids! This site is a must see.

Christine Waldman

The founder of Village Mommy has a fantastic site connecting Moms with other Moms in their respective areas. The philosophy of Village Mommy is simple: It takes a village to raise a child and Christine has created this fantastic village for Moms to share everything from friendships, DIYS, recipes and more. Sign up today by clicking here








I’m a mom of three who makes YouTube videos about learning activities, educational toys and how-to’s. Can’t wait to meet you!