Masa and Leo!


Meet Masa and Léo. Masa was nominated by his beautiful wife Alicia to be our first stylish daddy.
Masa is originally from Japan, he met Alicia when he was an exchange student, then stayed in Vancouver for love. He works at one of the cities high end hotels and takes advantage of Vancouver’s outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys long distance cycling to work, skiing, soccer, yoga and going for walks with his adorable 1 year old Leo and puppy Lucy.
Masa loves food, and his wife jokes she fears the grocery bill if Léo takes after his daddy’s appetite. Masa who has done some modeling in the past is also the well dressed one. He is always so put together, even if lounging at home or out being active. His style seems effortless and this is why we are so excited to have him as our first stylish daddy!


Masa is wearing a jacket from Sitka, his denim button down shirt is from Wings and Horns, his jeans are from Paul Smith and his shoes are Clark Shoes.
Baby Léo is wearing a sweater from Gymboree, his skinny pants are from Tea and his leather shoes are from Minimocs!