We sat down with Leslie Burby, Author, Spokeswoman and Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine. Leslie is one of those people who is not only an advocate for Autism Awareness but also a mother to children with Autism. She is a resource for parents and families who have an autistic family member, but also a wealth of knowledge for the general public who are inquiring about the triumphs and challenges these exceptional children face each day.

We want to make it clear that being a parent to a child with Autism is not a burden but instead it comes with a different set of directions or a different road map. Their child just learns in a different way. With Leslie’s creativity and expertise as a special educator, she has found different ways to teach children with various forms of autism. She is a must have link and guide for all parents whose children have different types of Autism.

Leslie’s goal is to give up to date information and resources for parents whose children have Autism through the magazine she co-created: Autism Parenting Magazine.

“As well as special guest articles from medical professionals and authorities in the world of Autism, the magazine is primarily written by parents for parents. Articles come in the form of helpful parenting advice as well a real life stories incorporating successful strategies.

Our Autism Magazine is suitable for parents of children with Asperger’s, PDD-NOS or Kanners Autism. We also have a number of parents who have ASD.”

Parents are also allowed to write in with a question where experts will answer it. This is one of the few outlets for parents available. Leslie connects with experts and parents alike from all over the world.

Leslie is also an accomplished author in children’s fiction and adult non-fiction alike. She co-wrote: Emotional Mastery For Adults With Asperger’s: Practical Techniques To Work Out With Anger, Anxiety and Depression . This book had such excellent feedback that Leslie and her business partner began Autism Parenting Magazine. With the success of the magazine, Leslie decided it was time to start a children’s fiction book, which we previously reviewed Grace Figures Out School.

Grace Figures Out School Cover1

Grace Figures Out School is about a little girl who has Asperger’s. We highly recommend this book for families who have children with Autism and those who do not alike. Grace learns and thinks differently and throughout the story, the class and the teacher learn to see the world through Grace’s eyes.

Leslie is also a public speaker and is available for public speaking engagements. She is a wealth of knowledge and is not only a strong leader for the Autistic community in the United States but is a strong link for the latest information and expertise for those globally.

Her third book, Early Signs of Autism:In Toddlers, Infants and Babies is on sale on Amazon as a guide for parents to help them decide if they should consider a diagnosis and where to go to get one in several countries.

Lastly, we urge parents who do not have children with Autism to visit Autism Parenting Magazine . Since Autism is common, it is integral that we all, educators and parents alike, educate ourselves about each type of Autism. Together, we can break the barriers of misunderstandings and open our minds to new ways of thinking.


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Twitter: LeslieAPMag