Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” (Reagon) represents a clear time in each of our lives when we become a parent. We provide information, stories, products, joys, laughter and tears of everything that is pregnancy and parenthood. However, there is another stage that we cherish and that is the journey to parenthood.
Many of us struggle with fertility issues. Whether it is PCOS,  an illness, or something else, we as a community of parents and parents to  be must stick together and support and love each other through whatever journey life takes us. Enter Colleen Drenth.
Colleen is a lovely 31 year old from Connecticut, USA. She is an ABA therapist who works with children on the Autism Spectrum. She is making a difference in her community and the families of her students. At 24, Colleen had a hysterectomy, which left Colleen unable to have children. Colleen wants to be a mother and she decided to share her journey with all of us at her blog What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting.
We found Colleen and this blog on twitter as we spend a lot of time searching for new and interesting designers, bloggers and products. We have to admit, the title caught our attention, so we had to read on.
Colleen has shared a story that in today’s society is kept very quiet. We know that their are countless men and women dealing with fertility issues and searching for the best method to make them parents. For Colleen, she is going through IVF and gestational surrogacy. We have laughed through some of her posts, we have admittedly teared up at times and we have cheered her on with her up coming wedding date!
Its fair to say that in a situation where you have no control, it is understandable to be frustrated. Not Colleen, as from her blog you can tell she is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. She turns any negative situation into a positive one and upon reading her blog, you walk away cheering her on, but also feeling better about yourself. I hope Colleen knows that she does that for people with her written word.
So what is Colleen’s truth? believes she is a change maker, giving a voice to a big group of men and women who have been silenced. Even if you do not struggle with fertility issues, everyone can take something away from this blog. You can learn in any situation that seems tough, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Not to sound cliche, but in a world of such negative press, its nice to find someone who can interpret a positive outlook on life and be a voice for those who may not have the right words to put their lives in perspective. She also gives others, who have had children, a new perspective on life and get those parents to hug those children a little tighter at night and give those good morning kisses every day. Together, we all hope that all of those who want to become a parent, simply do.
Colleen is a talented writer and I think, as the editor of, we caught her just when she is about to take off in the writing world. Everyone will love her inspiration and optimism and we are truly excited to call her our 2014 blogger in honour/honor of our Year Anniversary as a magazine. From her blog, I have learned, that we have three types of readers. Parents, parents to be and parents who will be. Let’s face it, Colleen will be a great Mom. She may not have the stretch marks, but she has definitely earned her stripes.