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Are you dreaming about a winter holiday somewhere hot? Looking forward to the summer months, where you can relax on the beach? Yes, we are too! However, for many pregnant Moms, it’s difficult to just grab a floatation device/Lilo and lie down, because, well, we have a baby belly in the way.

Don’t let that beautiful baby bump stop you from lounging about. The Holo is designed especially for all of you pregnant Moms who want to float comfortably in a pool, with the support of a floatation device. Created by Emma Benson, this product was inspired by a holiday she had where she had to sit up instead of lie down!  Having just entered the market in 2009, it has been approved by The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for Women’s Health after a four month trial at the Radcliffe Women’s Hospital in Oxford.

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Are you a Mom to be who has not planned a vacation? Don’t worry; you can use Holo for many different purposes. Use it to get a nice massage, or order it if you own a physio therapists office. Relieve back pain by using the Holo or just prop yourself to read a nice book. The key to pregnancy is to have those relaxing moments, so enjoy them without feeling uncomfortable!  This product may help you get your baby in optimal position for birth.

This product is now available worldwide!  Plan your next massage, big holiday or relaxing read with the Holo and get the rest and pampering you deserve before your new bundle of joy arrives!