Being A Student and A Mom – Bettering your education can change your entire life. You have an opportunity to expand your horizons, possibly increase your annual salary and get benefits and incentives that can change yours and your families life. However, being a Mom and a student is tough to say the least. Balancing school and your precious child can be an experience like no other. Let’s dive in how Moms become students, the experience of being a student mother, the challenges and the rewards.

Student Mother Meaning

A student Mother is a Mom who is going to school at the same time. She may have one or many children. This Mom may be in high school, college or pursuing a post graduate degree. Despite the type of schooling, it can all be overwhelming and new for any Mom who is in school.

How can I be a mom and student?

The balance between Mom and student seems to be impossible. You have a child’s or children’s needs to meet 24/7.Alternatively, you want to better your education to get a different career that can change your families situation financially .Where does a Mother start when money is tight but an educational change is necessary?

This will be a challenging time but with some great advice, a bit of confidence and organization, you can make this happen.

Before You Become A Mom and A Student

If you are a Mom and looking to become a student, you have to do one thing in order to succeed. You have to be organized! Unlike other students who go to school and may have a job, you are finding balance with school, your child or children and possibly a job as well. Being organized is going to be your life line in order to complete your schooling to get a degree. Here are some things to consider before you become a Mom and a student. These tips will help you prepare to get the most of your experience as a parent and as a student.

Be Sure of Your Degree

Everyone is entitled to change their degree or Major at anytime, even Moms! However, money is tight and you are looking for a life change. Be sure that you can not only get a degree but be able to use your degree in your field and in your area. Have an idea of what the starting salary is for someone taking this degree. Try to price out books, expenses, transportation, daycare/babysitting and other costs that go with the big changes that you are making.

Ask the school if there is an online option where you can do some or all of your courses online. Secondly, see if your courses require you to attend in class tutorials. If you are late or miss a tutorial, will your lack of attendance be penalized?

Be sure to review the classes from previous years and what their asks are of you. Do you notice that in previous years the classes all take place in the morning? Is that feasible for you and works with your schedule? If this degree means a lot to you, you have to know what you will have to temporarily sacrifice to get into this course.

Make sure you have your prerequisites for this course. If you are missing a high school math, you must complete it first. There are some options where you can write a test to prove your competency. Explore all options so you can be on the most successful path to getting your degree.

Find Your Community

Find your community no matter what your situation is! For some, they are estranged from their immediate family. For others, they have a huge family willing and ready to help. Outline what you need from members of your family clearly. If grandmother says she is excited to babysit, let her know how many hours a week that would entail. Be sure to include the time you may need to study and transportation time there and back from school.

Find Mom groups in your area with the same experiences. There are many student parents who can relate and bring great advice, tips and tricks to staying sane as a student parent.

Lastly, if you are in a relationship or married, see what your spouse can do to help. If you are a single parent, it is integral to find a trusted childcare situation, whether that is with family or daycare.

Find Childcare if Needed

We all have different situations if we are student parents. For some, it means asking your spouse and family to pull extra weight to take care of the child or children while you attend school. For others, they do not have any help or limited help and they must seek childcare.

Be sure if you are looking for childcare that they know the following:

How many hours a week you need childcare

Include transportation in this estimate. Your carers, whether they are your family or professionals, need to know what your needs are and time frames. Family care sometimes falls apart because the family member underestimated the amount of time it takes to care for a child or children. Outlining it early to others keeps expectations a reality.

The Cost

Does family expect to be paid, if so, how much? Some family members will lovingly take and care for your child. Others may require some financial help. See if this works for you. Alternatively, you can look for nannies, in home care, babysitters or daycare or a combination of this. Choose caregivers who are close to your school or home so that pick up and drop off is easy. Secondly, it makes life a little easier for you in case of emergency.

Many people are there to help at the beginning but when they realize the commitment, they tend to back out. Try your very best to have an alternative child care provider. One good idea is to check if your school has childcare near or on campus. Sometimes there are discounts for students.

The Distance

Choose childcare that is close to your home or school always. You want your child to be close to make transportation easier on the both of you. Secondly, it is integral to be close in case of an emergency, you can be with your child quickly.

Co-Parent Wisely

If you are married or in a relationship with your partner, be sure to communicate how many hours a week you will be away from home and explain clearly what you need from them as a partner. Your partner may see you are in school for ten hours a week but not understand the extra hours studying and traveling to and from school.

If you are a single parent coparenting with your ex, be sure to communicate to them what is happening. If you have a volatile relationship, take some time to speak to a lawyer as your income, housing situation and time with your child may change. You want to be safe with how you are communicating and ensuring the best situation for your child.

Mental Health of You And Your Child

No matter what, we can get into a mantra that we have to do everything and do each task as close to perfection as possible. Be aware of this dangerous thinking that can sneak up on you. There will be sick days, test days, days where you can’t get your chores done. There may be times you miss class, stay up late studying and more. You make sure that your child is taken care of always and you are keeping a good mental health. A lot of schools have a psychologist on staff there to help you navigate times where it feels like the waters are rough.

You will do this your way and your way is entitled to change to suit you and your families needs.

Being A Highschool Student and A Mom

If you are a young Mom or a Mom who is an adult who is trying to complete high-school, it can be scary to accomplish all of this as a Mom. from GED to full diplomas, having an education opens up so many doors for you. Financially, mentally and emotionally, you are showing your child that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Sure, it can be frustrating that you have to read English literature. How will this help you in real life? Though Shakespeare rarely pays the bills, it helps your mind develop new patterns and understand concepts that may not have been presented to you before. From mathematics to English, learning should be a lifelong journey and these classes, literally or abstractly, prepare you for a better future.

A Teen Mom in School

As a teen Mom who is in school, it can be very scary. From worrying about judgement to the amount of pressure you have compared to your friends, you have a lot on your plate. The first thing to do, before you even pick up a book is know The Baby Spot’s 3 Golden Rules To Being A Teen Mom in School

1. You have the RIGHT to an education just like everyone else.

No one has the right to stop you from getting your high school education. You may have to go about your educational experience in a different way, but you have the right to be educated. No school has the right to make you feel uncomfortable just because you are a Teen Mom. This goes for all of those Teen Dads out there also.

2. You Have The Right To Dream Big Like Everyone Else

Thankfully, there are many stories online and on social media proving that teen Moms can achieve their dreams just like their non parent peers. You have the right to want to be a doctor, an engineer or a stay at home Mom if finances allow. You have the right to dream of whatever you want to be. That is your decision and yours alone. Just because you had a baby young does not mean your life is over.

3. No One Has The Right To Make You Feel Inferior For Being A Teen Mom

You have the right to go to school and get an education without being harassed, judged or commented on by teachers or your peers. All that matters is that you go to school, get your assignments in, get help when you can and go home. There cannot be any bullying, judgement or harassment from teachers or students. You had a baby young and you have the right to enjoy your time as a Mother and further your education.

Remember that your child’s needs come first. You have to make sure your child is being taken care of and your child is safe during your school time. It may mean you will now miss parties, dances and experiences but you are a Mom and a student. Big things are about to happen for your new family.

An Adult Mom Finishing High School

If you are an adult Mom going back to finish high school, this can be an exciting time for you. School may have felt like its changed completely, whether it has been five years or thirty five years. The fact is, you are finishing the credits you need to get that GED or diploma. It will open new doors for you and the world will look that much more exciting.

An adult Mom finishing high school needs to know that they are not alone. There are people who finished high school at eighteen and went back years later to upgrade credits and there are people who could not finish at eighteen so they went to work. No matter what the circumstance, what you are doing is amazing for you and your family. You deserve this!

Do not be intimidated in this newer fast paced school system. For some, it may be odd how much school has changed and relied on social media and the internet. For others, it will seem normal. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your teacher during or after class. You will catch on quickly and it will not be as scary as it might seem.

How do you manage your time as a student and mother?

This is the key to success of any student Mom. Managing your time as a student Mother means penciling in time for yourself. You need time to attend class, whether that is in person or virtually and you will need time to study. Secondly, pencil in time for your child where you do nothing but enjoy each other. Even if it is for a little time everyday, touch base and enjoy those special moments. They are the most important moments to both of you. Lastly, keeping a schedule of assignments, tests, due dates, important dates for your child and children or more can save you so much time. If you review your schedule for ten minutes a day, you will be saving yourself weeks of agonizing worry and last minute preparations. Some ideas to help with scheduling include:

Study Time

Child School/Extra Curriculars

Tests, Assignement Due Dates

Meal Prep Weekly


A Bit of Time For You if Possible to Relax

Quality Time With Your Child

Lastly, do not overload yourself with too many courses. For many, the drive to finish “as soon as possible” is clear. However, life happens and you may find yourself overwhelmed.

Challenges of being a student mother

No matter how organized you try to be, there will be challenges of a student mother. The best student mother knows that challenges exist and will happen. These situations will often be beyond our control. Many challenges that student mothers face include:

Scheduling Conflicts

Trying to navigate your schedule with your child’s carer? Is school overlapping work? These are a few of the regular challenges student Mothers face. There will always be a choice and sometimes those choices will always be incredibly hard and require sacrifice.


No matter how confident you are as a student Mother, there will be conflict with co-parenting. Whether you are married or divorced or in a relationship, the flux or change of becoming a student will have scheduling hardships, unmet expectations and financial burdens. This may come as a surprise to your partner or your ex. Co-parenting challenges are common. As long as you are keeping the best interest of your child in every decision, you will be confident in your path.

Financial Changes

For many people, school costs a fortune. It is hard to pay for and you usually cannot keep a fulltime job, though some people manage this. Leaving a job, going to part time hours or if you can, not working means the finances change drastically in the house. It is not just you who is making changes to make financial needs but also your child. Financial changes are to be expected. Remember to always look for bursaries and scholarships to help you along the way.

Mental Health Balance

When taking care of children or a child and balancing school and possibly a job, you may feel completely lost and a shell of yourself. Reminding yourself that you do not have to be perfect is key. You are achieving amazing things that take time and you are making sacrifices now to make a better later. However, take that time whenever you can to spend time with your child. It’s okay if the balance looks differently from day to day.

Being A Student And A Mom

Everyone’s reasons are different for pursuing an education. However, it is a task that deserves recognition. This is a hard journey at times but when you are finished, it is a fulfilling one. Stay true to yourself and keep in a healthy space as much as you can. Balance is the answer as much as you can. You are doing this for you and your child or children!

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