Have you ever sat down with your little one and read them some nursery rhymes? Though your child loves the rhythmic poetry of each story? Have you ever wondered how this nursery rhyme came to be or the meanings behind it? We have and we fell in love with Half For You and Half For Me by Katherine Govier.

What on earth is a tuffet? Was Humpty Dumpty an egg or a cannon? Katherine Govier answers these questions and more! Your child will love this book for the lovely nursery rhymes and beautiful illustrations and after the rhyme is read, there is an informative description about every rhyme and its origins.


The book is beautifully illustrated by Sarah Clement. She provides contemporary illustrations of ships, clocks and curly locks that reward careful examination.

half and half

When Katherine was small, she would cuddle next to her Mother to listen to nursery rhymes. Even though Katherine’s Mother cannot see well enough to read, she can still remember each word. Katherine explores the magic and meaning of nursery rhymes and has returned to her old Mother Goose tales to give to another generation of children while educating adults on the meanings behind these beloved classics.

Give your children the gift of these timeless nursery rhymes by ordering your copy of Half For You and Half For Me today!