Are you looking for the best personalized book on the market? When we came across The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name , we knew that we had found it. Your child has lost their name! He or she must find it. This action packed tale full of adventure has your child reading a fantastic story and searching for each letter of their name. through out this beautifully illustrated book.

The Little Girl (or little boy, if you have a son) has so many key points that we just love. Here are some of the reasons this should be a staple in your bookshelf:

-the story is exciting and full of great characters and adventure- Your child is the main character, but their are other characters such as vikings, ogres, lions and even ostriches that hold the key to your child finding another letter to their name. The rhyming is easy for a child who is learning to read and their is an undertone of rhythm that would help even a struggling child feel the beat of the story. David Cadji-Newby did an exceptional job.

-the dedication is to your child, we love this added touch!


-the hidden letters of your child’s name are through out the book. Illustrator Pedro Serapicos makes beautiful illustrations that your child will love (we love the elephant). Your little one gets to search for their letters through out the book! You do not see this with most personalized books.

-You can put in your request EASILY online with easy to understand steps.

-There is no added shipping. Whether you are in Berlin, Beijing or Boston.

Join in on the adventure and have a keepsake that will last your child a lifetime. The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost His/Her Name is not only a fun, personalized adventure for your kids but also encourages them to read. This book gets a full seal of approval! To buy your own, click here