By: Corrine Fuchs



Don’t deny it..when that mother passes by you at the park/mall wherever you may be…you eye her stroller up and down! Don’t you? I used to sit and laugh with my own mother, how I have caught certain Mom’s doing that to me before! But I have to admit…darn it, I do it too! Why? I have no idea. Honestly, our new generation of mother’s are crazy. Yes, I am too! I don’t know what has gotten into us! I want to shake it out of me, but I can’t! I thought it was a Dubai thing, but it seems to be an epidemic taking over the world!

Today, I was tying up my baby carrier, and I caught several mom’s checking it out. Then I caught myself doing it to another women too! It’s not just them…it’s me as well!

We are all curious…we want the latest and best items for our tots! Are we competing with one another? I’m not sure I would call it that. But we do want to be on trend! It’s all just a bit crazy. Don’t even try explaining it to your mother or friend(s) who do not have babies. They will not understand, and they will think you are nuts to be quite frank!

The other day when my cousin was here visiting, we went to the mall. She was pushing the stroller around, and she sheepishly looked at me and asked “I think that woman was checking out your stroller”. I told her “Yes, Jessika, she was! It’s the modern day mother thing to do!”. She laughed awkwardly and gave me a look!

While in the mall that day, I was frantically buying up bits and bobs for my daughter’s upcoming 3rd birthday party. A Cinderella theme! Again, my cousin was like “What is with you mother’s? Can’t you just have a regular party for Ruby? She won’t even remember it, she is 3 for crying out loud”. Bowl of chips, music, and a piñata type party? No, I can’t have that! I want the best party… I want everyone to love it, and have a great time too! Heck, it’s what all the other mother’s are doing. I can’t have anything less, otherwise what will they think?  Yes, I need to buy an Etsy personalized party package online and have special water bottle labels, and the nine yards…who cares if my 3 year old won’t remember, I will, and so will the other mom’s!

Ladies, I am here today to tell you, I can’t take the pressure of our modern day mommy! I will end up in a psych ward soon with all this nonsense. Heck, my baby boy’s birthday is 7 months away. I am already coming up with ideas in my head. I can’t take it!!! I want to burry my head under a pillow and make it all go away!

What was parenthood like when our mother’s were new mom’s? Vintage is in, can’t we go back to their time and live like those mamma’s? I bet they weren’t are kooky as we are?

It’s time to put a kibosh on this craziness! But reality is, we just can’t! Three years ago when I had my little one, things were not as hardcore as they are now! Imagine what mother’s will be like when our kids are grown up, and we become grandmothers? Lord save us!