Book Review: Raw, Quick and Delicious!

Whether you’re inquiring about Meatless Mondays for your families meal plan or you’re a vegan family looking for new recipes, the Raw, Quick and Delicious book is for you! Douglas McNish shares his tasty, appealing recipes with the masses!

Each yummy recipe is 5 ingredients and promises a 15 minute prep time.

The book begins explaining how a family transitions to a raw, vegan diet. It outlines basic vegan terminology. Doug highlights the most contaminated and least contaminated foods, how important enzymes are and what is organic produce. He then teaches the terms and techniques for a raw, vegan kitchen (which is a must know) and then outlines the equipment needed for your 15 minute raw vegan kitchen.


This book is filled with meals, sides and juices. Juicing is a major part of many people’s vegan diet. Specific juices give you the energy you need for your day. Replace that cup of coffee with a cup of juice! Yum 🙂

Raw, Quick and Delicious is filled with beautiful coloured pictures to salivate over and of course, make sure your end result looks right! Our favourite recipe was the yellow coconut curry sauce and the sunflower seed hummus.

If you are a parent curious about having a meal a week that is vegan or a vegan Mom or Dad looking for new recipes, you will not be disappointed with Raw, Quick and Delicious!