The Baby Spot Bests:July-August

The summer is a great time for fun in the sun, rest and relaxation. For The Baby Spot, its been a month of meeting some great bloggers, companies, stores and authors. This month we are highlighting some great countries. We touch upon trendy hats in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, a great clothing line for girls and boys in Norway and a honest blogger from Australia, and a children’s furniture line in Miami, Florida. Next month we hope to have even more highlighted spots from across the world, bringing you all of our finds from around the globe.



Where:Boston, Massachusetts,USA



Who cannot love Little Lids? They have hard to find, unique hats that is not only completely fashionable, but an excellent keepsake. From fedoras to bonnets, Little Lids know their hats! If you cannot make it to Boston, don’t worry! You can purchase these amazing hats right from the Little Lids website. This easy to navigate page makes browsing and purchasing easy. This is a must have for any parent who has an eye for fashion and an appreciation for high quality head wear.

littlelids2 littlelids4




Where: Norway



Designer and owner Hanne Synnøve Koløy had an eye for fashion since she was a little girl. With her trusty red sewing machine she created Mole, a beautiful clothing boutique in Norway. The name itself came from an endearing name her grandmother gave her and Hanne took this sweet memory and made it into a beautiful business. Hanne ensures that her clothes are eco tex certified. These pictures speak for themselves and be sure to check when we give you a peek at Hanne’s fall line!



Where: Melbourne, Australia


The Over Honest Mum is more then just a blogger. If you read her posts you learn that she is passionate for women’s rights, politics and parenthood. Let’s face it, they often get intertwined. She keeps it real by talking about issues that matter to Moms.  She is a mother to a little sweet girl and she talks about issues that others shy away from to hilarious parenting stories. From how women are treated in society and to raise a daughter in said society to being “abused” by her adorable baby the Over Honest Mum is always interesting. She’s raw, witty, the occasional swearer, the advocate, the loving Mum, the friend. This is definitely a blog to visit and a twitter page to follow.


Where: Miami, Florida



MADinItaly has it all for the unique and trendy for adult furniture and accent pieces, but they also have the same for children’s furniture! We were blown away by the creativity of this store! Owner Nadine Curmi Borgomanero created a concept store that was offering various Italian products for the home.


The Fiat sofas are a great centre piece for any child’s room! The headlights could act as the perfect set of night lights for a child! But that’s not all! From cribs to bassinets, MADinItaly Kids has so many inspirational ideas for your new babies room or if you are interested in updating your child’s bedroom.  While checking out this site, remember, there is inspirational pieces for Mom and Dad too! This store is a definite must see!



We are meeting so many great companies, businesses and people that are just fantastic. There are so many bloggers that deserve to be highlighted and we will constantly look for them! We are excited to show you some of the people we are connecting with for August-September, but unfortunately, we will have to wait until then. Stay tuned for next month!