Here I am 19 weeks pregnant. Dying to know whether the human I’m growing inside of me is a boy or a girl! Finding out the gender of your baby is a huge deal! Unless you are one of those people! Those people who wait to find out til the baby arrives. The “I want to be surprised people”! They are crazy. You just want to walk around with a complete stranger growing inside of you! Your own birth turns into a blind date! Yikes! Risky! lol

No but seriously- I’m dying to find out the sex of this baby. It’s the tie breaker in our house. This baby decides whether the males outnumber the females or vice versa! We have 6 kids! Crazy We know! 3 boys and 3 girls. My body likes to keep things in an orderly fashion. We had a girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy (after the last boy we lost twin girls) and now we are pregnant again! Yes we have a lot of sex! 😉

This time around we are hoping for a girl! Which yes again I believe we are totally crazy. Girls are so much harder than boys! SO emotional! Boys can be rough yes but they really are so much more laid back about things. My 4 year old daughter literally hates pooping because she says its too dirty. So every time she has to poop we have a major meltdown in the bathroom. And she is literally crying and distraught off that she had to poop. Now my sons on the other hand are so proud when they poop they leave it in the toilet for everyone else in the house to enjoy!

Now teenagers- they are whole different kind of breed. I have a 14 year old daughter and I swear I need a shrink to sit and join me in every conversation we have. It’s goes from happy to sad to boys to supernatural to hockey to school to clothes to MOM YOU JUST DON’T GET IT! That’s all in the first 3 minutes of a conversation!!

Then you have my 12 year old son who says like 6 words. Food, xbox, yes, no, forgot and ketchup. Now yes he may be easier to handle in the communication department but omg not in hygiene. “Sweet dear handsome child of mine I know you can smell yourself- I smell you.” That’s the words I say almost everyday after school. Along with “Did you put deodorant on today?” and his simple answer- “forgot”.  Mentioning a shower is like the end of the world to him. “ughhh Mom I did last week!” or “Mom I just started this 30 minute mission on my game and if I just shut it off I’ll be banned from this party and I have a killing streak” Like kid I don’t care, you smell and have been wearing the same clothes for a week and I don’t want CPS called on me! GET IN THE SHOWER! or I will go MODERN WARFARE ON YOUR BUTT !!

SO yes I’m dying to know- is it a boy or girl? Will I be adding more emotions into the house or more stench? LOL I say that in the sweetest way possible. I love my babies! Please don’t call CPS.


Written by Natasha Short