Tips For Healthy Mother And Baby

The preparation for childbirth is one of the most important parts of gestation, keeping in line with the fact that a pregnancy changes the body’s forms.

It’s noticeable that there are 3 parts of the body that are most affected: the abdominal muscles, the postulators muscles of the basin and spine, and the pelvic muscles. With the progress of pregnancy and the gain of weight, increases the tendency of the transformation of the body.

Joining Constant And Appropriate Exercises
The most important thing is to maintain balance during and after pregnancy, joining constant and appropriate exercises, always accompanied by a professional, and a rich and healthy diet for you as well as for breastfeeding your baby.


Another important factor is in breathing, the mother’s health depends a lot, on how she reacts to situations and movements in the period during and after pregnancy, and breathing is at the top of the list of essential exercises for the mother’s health, strengthening physical endurance and maintaining correct body posture.


Physical exercises for moms can be started at any time during pregnancy, but the most recommended by doctors is at the beginning of the fourth month of gestation, defining the body along with the exercises resulting in more strength and concentration for the most expected moment: childbirth. That is, the sooner you start the series of exercises, the better the results will be.

Vitamin D During Pregnancy


The lack of vitamin D can cause consequences for pregnant women such as, induce a premature birth, increase pregnancy-specific blood pressure and, cause the baby to be born with the vitamin deficiency.


Therefore, it is very important to have good levels of vitamin D and this can be done through healthy diets, always being prescribed by a doctor, rich in meats, fish, milk and eggs; In addition, sunbathing with sunscreen for 15 minutes daily, outside the peak hours.


Healthy Eating During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

As most people know all the rules advises during pregnancy, it’s important to know what items you can NOT eat during this beautiful process, providing every nutrient necessary for your baby’s safe and healthy development, preventing from problems and allergies.


During breastfeeding, the foods that the mother eats give flavor and nutrients to the milk that the baby will drink, being the reason of being so important not to exaggerate in any food and varying as much as possible. However, when the mother observes that when eating certain foods the baby has discomforts, she should stop eating this food throughout breastfeeding.


There are foods to avoid while breastfeeding:


  • Chocolate
  • Peppermint
  • Citrus
  • Fish
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Sodas

Therefore, mom’s health is as important as the baby is because it’s a magical and unique moment in a woman’s life and requires special health care, after all, the mother is the source of baby supplies. Everything it absorbs, including food and even emotions, passes to the child. So, this is the ideal time to re-evaluate habits and attitudes.


Feeding Your Baby


Most people know that the most important meal to the baby is breast milk, but sometimes some circumstances prevent this from happening. When it does, keep in mind that is still possible to offer the baby a nutrient-rich diet, opting for healthy homemade formula rather than using commercial formulas.


When making the decision to make a homemade formula, it’s important to have the exact knowledge of all the ingredients used, having total control by the foods placed on the formula. For this to happen there are a few steps to start this journey.


First, contact your doctor: It’s important to talk to a professional, sharing with him the interest to use homemade formula and he will be able to help with recipes, techniques and ingredients, and can also refer to a specialized person and more able to help.


Second, keep searching: Follow the book-searching hint or any source of information about breastfeeding and the home-made formula, being careful about using certain recipes.


Third, search the internet: Look for a reliable source with the list of qualified professionals who can help in the recipe for your baby.


Fourth, understand the difference between baby’s and adults diets: Discover which ingredients are recommended in the homemade formula for your baby’s age, such as, the goat’s milk is an acceptable source of milk, however, rice milk is usually not. In addition, you should also incorporate organic formula for baby. Make sure you are well informed before you start.


Learn which ingredients should be left out of the formula and which ingredients can be replaced, ensuring better components, creating a safe and nutritious homemade formula, ensuring the most important thing: your baby’s health.

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