Calm Mother- Providing Balance To Mothers

Looking for BALANCE as a Mother? Searching for a way to make Motherhood a little simpler? We interviewed CalmMother, a fantastic organization that is offering caring support to Mothers online.

We love to talk about those special people and businesses that are making a difference in the parenting community and CalmMother is doing just that! Committed to helping new Moms find and maintain balance, Calm Mother is a guide for Moms to enjoy the quality time for their families, careers and find those special moments for themselves. CalmMother’s goal is simple: to help simplify the lives of Mothers so they can focus on what matters most to them.
The incredible women of Calm Mother all come from different walks of life but strive for the same goals for all Moms.

Find Balance Thanks To These Moms…


Tereza, Mother of two, is a corporate and securities lawyer who developed an amazing approach to help women transition into motherhood and how to handle those challenging times of being a working Mom managing a family. This program WORKS!

Being a lawyer can be stressful, but Tereza balances her work life and wonderful contributions to Calm Mother with exercise and quality time with her lovely family.

Terri Gragatis is a Mother of two who is a homemaker extraordinare. She joined Calmmother because she believes that Mothers need the support and guidance through the parenting journey.

Terri knows what it is like to be a busy Mom and provides quick and easy workouts that are wonderful for busy Moms who are trying to stay in shape or get back into shape! Every Mom can get some valuable experience out of these workouts!

Phyllis Orcular is another extraordinary Mom of three boys who has over a decade in the fashion industry. She joined Calmmother and brings so much creativity for Mothers trying to find a sense of balance.


Dr. Pamela Smith

Calmmother also works with Dr. Pamela Smith, ND which offers both naturopathic and midwifery care. She even has a great Question and Answer page called “Ask Dr. Pam”.

Shauna is passionate about yoga and as a teacher and someone that is certified in Yoga Nidra for stress release and deep relaxation, she brings wisdom and inspiration for those seeking a physical and mental challenge. She inspires both inner peace and energy.

Michal Ofer is not only a lifestyle and wellness expert but a nutrition coach! She wants her clients to control their health and happiness through food and lifestyle choices that best support them. She helps people strengthen their body from the inside out!

Dr. Beverly Huang ND, has an interest in women’s health pediatric care, digestive health and mood disorders including depression and anxiety. She makes sure to heal her patients with the most optimal care.

The Calm Mother website is divided into four main categories: feeding and sleep program, pregnancy and baby, toddler and kid and calm life. They also have an amazing store! Each of these sections guides Mothers to achieve balance with themselves, their families and their careers!

Feeding and Sleep Program

This powerful program is changing Mother’s lives! The Feeding and Sleep program offers a gentle method to transition your baby to sleep the night. It also gives great breastfeeding and pumping tips, illustrates a gentle method to communicate with your baby and our favorite: offers a customizable chart for your baby! This program is made with love, wisdom and insight, for the new or seasoned parent alike to strive for that important life balance. We highly recommend it for new Moms everywhere! Click here to download.

Calmmother is such a wonderful website for new and seasoned parents alike, visit Calm Mother today for your dose of wisdom, insight and most importantly, BALANCE.