Canadian Names For Girls

Canadian Names For Girls – Canada is a beautiful country north of the United States. Around the world, many people think that Canada and the United States are very similar. With baby names, people would assume that the popular baby names of the USA are the same as they would be in Canada. However, this can not be more further from the truth! Though Canada has some similar names in the top ten, there are a few wonderful surprises.

These top Canadian names for girls are beautiful and popular across Canada. Here are the top Canadian girls names to inspire you on what to name your little girl! We have included baby girl name origins and meanings to help you make this big decision. Can you guess the most popular girls name? Number five will surprise you!

10. Hannah

At number ten we have the name Hannah. This name is popular all over the world but actually has a Hebrew origin. Meaning “grace”, this beautiful Canadian girls name brings peace and meaning to any little girl. The nicknames for Hannah include Ana, Han, and Hannah Banana as a playful name. We hope that you consider Hannah for your little girl. Do you think it will stay in the top ten next year or fall out of favor with Canadians?

9. Mila

Number nine in the top ten Canadian girls names is Mila! This name is from a slavic origin. Mila means gracious. This gorgeous girls name is now a fan favorite in Canada and we think it is only continued to grow! Nicknames for Mila are “Mia” or “Mil.” Consider this beautiful Canadian girl’s name for your little one!

8. Aria

At number eight we have the name Aria. This beautiful girl’s name is popular in many different countries. What is most interesting about Aria is that it has very different meanings depending on the country of origin. In Persian, this name is considered a gender neutral one that means noble. However, in Greek, this name means “lioness.” The short form for Aria is “Ari.” This is a cute and cool name to say. This strong girl’s name is perfect for many little girls.

7. Amelia

At number seven, we have Amelia in our top ten Canadian girl names. This is also a strong girls name. It has a Latin origin. Amelia means “worker” which means your little one would be a strong and confident young lady. Many nicknames of Amelia include Melia, Mila and Ame. Amelia has been in the top ten for a while now and we think it will be for many more years to come! Consider Amelia for your little girl.

6. Charlotte

At number six we have the name Charlotte in our top ten Canadian girl names of 2021. Charlotte has a French origin meaning small. This cute girl’s name has many nicknames including Char, Lottie and Charie. This has been a fan favorite in Canada for a while now and we think it will be here for many years to come. Consider Charlotte for your little girl’s name.


At number five we have Zoey for our top ten Canadian girls names. Zoey is a beautiful girl’s name of a Greek origin. This name means life and the name Zoey brings life to anyone who gives this name to their daughter. Zoey nicknames include Zoe! Number five would be a wonderful surprise for people who are looking at top names list because it does not exist on any others! Zoey is a beautiful name and has just skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Consider Zoey for your little girl!

4. Sophia

The name Sophia claims the number four spot for the top ten Canadian girl names. Sophia has been a fan favorite for years! Sophia is from a Greek origin. It means “one who is wise”. This strong girls name is perfect for a child who is an old soul and is wise beyond her years. Nicknames for Sophia include “Soph” and “Sophie.” Consider this lovely girl’s name for your little girl!

3. Mia

At number three we have the name Mia. Mia is a short and sweet name with no nickname. It’s origin is from Egypt which may surprise people! It is very popular in the English speaking world and in Eastern Europe. This name means beloved which is exactly what your Mia will mean to you. Consider this adorable name for your little Canadian girl.


At number two we have the name Emma! This name is so popular in the English speaking world, it is no secret why we would see it in Canada. Emma means whole and is the female version of Emmanuel. Emma has a Germanic origin but is extremely popular in the English world. This popular girl’s name is a favorite for first and middle names with families. Emma’s nicknames include “Em” which is easy to say and very sweet. Consider Emma for your little girl’s baby name.

1. Olivia

The most popular girls name in Canada during 2021 is Olivia! The name Olivia is number one of our top ten names for little girls in Canada. This name is popular in the English speaking word but its origin is actually Latin. Meaning ” Olive tree” this name is a beautiful plant girls name. Olivia’s nick name is usually Oli, which is very adorable. We think that Olivia will only get more popular in Canada each year. Consider this beautiful girl’s name for your little one!

Top Canadian Girls Names

Canadian girls names are unique and a beautiful blend of names from across the globe. There have been some surprises like number five Zoey being on a top girl’s name list. We are so excited to see some new and dynamic names on a top list. We hope this top Canadian girl name list inspires you for the name of your little one.

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