Fox and Raccoon

Fox and Raccoon are best friends who do everything together! They live next door to one another and they love to spend all of their time being together. Except for today. Where is Fox? Why isn’t their any time to play with Raccoon?

This beautifully written and illustrated book by Tundra will be at the top of your child’s reading list. It’s perfect for preschoolers and a great book for your young readers to practice their reading skills. If your child is in the first or second grade and an advanced reader, challenge them to read this book to yourself and younger children! The story line has excellent morals and the illustrations are going to pull your children right into the story.

Raccoon decides to help Fox get the errands that Fox needs done, because that is what friends do. But Raccoon never could predict what was going to happen at the end of the book!

The Morals and Values of Fox and Raccoon

Your child will learn what it takes to be a great friend through this book. A friend will selflessly help another who is in need and your younger children will see the love that Raccoon and Fox have for one another. Acts of Kindness will be a great discussion with both your younger and older children and why it is important to help others.

Discuss The Book With You Children

Parents should point out the good deeds that Raccoon is doing because he cares about Fox and have some open dialogue with their younger readers. With older readers, get examples of how your child has helped a friend and how a friend has helped your child. This leads to an open dialogue about friendship and what makes a great friend. Be sure to talk about how good behaviors can really make a friendship. Everyone appreciates an act of kindness!


What We Love And Took Away From Fox and Raccoon

Fox and Raccoon teaches the importance of friendship, acts of kindness and how a friendship can continue to grow between two friends over time. It is always important to help one another and most of all love your friends like family. Author Lesley-Anne Green has given a gift to children to learn the true value of friendship at such a young age. It makes a great reminder for adults too!