Christy Name Meaning, Origin and More

Christy name meaning, origin and more – Christy is a beautiful name traditionally for a girl that people all over the world love. Though it has many variations of spelling, many people prefer this way of spelling Christy. Let’s learn more about the origin and meaning of Christy, some great nicknames and middle name possibilities and some famous and notable people who share the name Christy

Christy Name Meaning, Origin

The name Christy has a very powerful meaning. Originating from Greece, Christy means “annointed one.” Christy derives from Christ and would traditionally be a Christian name. Over the centuries, the name Christy and its spelling spread across Europe and eventually the world to be the beloved name it is today. From those who are looking for a Christian based name to those who love the sound, this two syllabled name is a favorite. Surprisingly, Christy does not make the top 1000 most popular girl’s names.

Christy Middle Names

Middle names are important. They need to flow with the first name but often times, they hold meaning to the babies parents. There are many ways to pick a middle name. Here are a few of those ways.

Choosing the name of a grandparent, aunt, uncle or loved one

When choosing a middle name for your daughter, some parents give the child’s middle name after a grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle or close friend. This is to honor the person who is the name sake. This is beautiful as it creates bonds between the baby and their namesake. Some people are cautious to honor friends as friends do come and go. However, if you choose a life long friend to a family, it is exactly like choosing a family member. Pick someone that has really been a great help, inspiration or love to your family.

Christy name meaning origin

Combining Names To Form A Middle Name

Some families take two names and combine them into one name. For example, it is becoming increasingly popular to take the first names of grandparents on both sides of your family and combine it into a new middle name! If we are to imagine that the maternal grandmother of a baby is named Isabella and the paternal grandparent to the baby is named Anna, parents would make a combination middle name of Annabella. This trend works for some families! You can do this with anyone who will play a major role in your babies life.

Choosing A Middle Name Based on Family Passions

If, for example, you are a family that loves to be in nature, you may pick a nature based middle name like Soleil or Fern. Alternatively, if you are water people, you could choose a middle name like Ocean or Ariel. Choosing a name based on family passions is becoming an increasingly popular trait amongst new parents.

Alternatively, you can just choose a nickname that flows well with Christy. Here are a few names that flow well with this name.






















These are just a few of the many middle name combinations that work great with Christy. Alternatively, if you need further inspiration, check out our baby name generator that you can tailor to help you find your inspiring middle name.

Christy Nicknames

The name Christy has many different nicknames that work. Nicknames are very special in families. A good nickname comes from a loved one, like a parent, family member or close friend. There are many ways to choose the perfect nickname. However, there can be some general rules to follow when picking the perfect name.

Kind Nicknames

Make sure that you are choosing a nickname that suits that person. Many people choose nicknames that are funny to others, but not to that person. Pick nicknames that the receiver is going to like. Nicknames that put someone down are generally not acceptable and can cause tension in families and friend circles.

Nicknames That Are From A Person’s Interests

Choosing a nickname that attributes to that person is important! If they are a fast runner you may call them “bolt” or “ace”. Good nicknames keep people smiling and it builds bonds and relationships. Finding a nickname that suits a persons interests is a great way to create life long relationships.

Lifelong Nicknames

Lastly, nicknames are not like regular names. They can last a few months, a couple of years or a lifetime. We see Queen Elizabeth carry the name Lilibet since she was a child, however, other nicknames can come and go in a few months.

Short Form Of The Original Name

Alternatively, you can create a nickname based on the person’s name. This can be a short form of their name or a play on their name. They can also receive a nickname based on a celebrities or notable person’s name. Here are some great nicknames for Christy.

Chris- This is a short form of Christy and rolls of the tongue. Short and sweet.

Ree- A cute name for little ones to say.

Tee- Easy for the younger siblings to say and can translate to a nickname for the rest of their lives.

Chrissy- A peppy and fun nickname for Christy.

Tissy-  A playful nickname for Christy.

Sis- A short nickname for Christy.

Christabelle- A cute nickname for Christy.

Alternative spellings for Christy

The name Christy comes with a lot of alternative spellings. There are different variations of spelling for this name. When Christy began to spread across Europe, other countries and regions changed the spelling. Over time, we saw parents just experiment with spellings to give it its own unique flare. Here are a few alternative spellings for Christy.

Christie- The “ie” instead of just the Y.

Kristie- Starting with the letter “k”, dropping the “Ch” and adding an “ie” while subtracting a “y”.

Kristy- Dropping the “Ch” for a “K” and adding and keeping the “y” at the end.

Christi- Taking out the “y” and adding an “I”

Kryste- Changing the spelling almost completely, but the new letters have similar sounds making this an alternative spelling to Christy.

Famous People With the Name Christy

There are a number of famous and notable people with the name Christy. These people can become inspiration for cute nicknames for your daughter or just show your child how many strong people have their name. Here are a few examples of famous people or notable people with the name Christy.

Christy Turlington

Famous international supermodel.

Christy Moore

Famous Irish singer and song writer.

Christy Hemme

Professional wrestler, singer and actress in the United States.

Christy Brown

Famous writer, author and painter.

These are just a few of the many famous and notable people with the name Christy spelled the exact same way.

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