4 Tips to Increase Comfort During Pregnancy

Others may claim your pregnancy has left you glowing, but you may not feel at all luminescent on the inside. Pregnancy is a happy time, but it’s also an uncomfortable one for many women. The good news is that pregnancy doesn’t last forever, even if right now you’re feeling like it will. While you’re waiting for your new bundle of joy, try these tips for feeling better.

Sleep Like a Baby

Sleeping soundly while pregnant is difficult but not impossible. Prop some pillows under your head to elevate it slightly to minimize the risk of nighttime heartburn attacks. Try to lie on your side instead of your back, propping your belly up with pillows if it makes you more comfortable. Sleeping on your back during pregnancy makes you more likely to develop hemorrhoids and back pain. It can also lower your blood pressure. You’ll also sleep better if you avoid drinking in the two to three hours before bedtime and visit the bathroom just before climbing into bed.

Avoid Dental Dilemmas

Pregnancy affects your entire body and even your teeth aren’t spared. Seventy-five percent of women experience bleeding gums, tooth pain and tooth sensitivity during their pregnancy. To ease these issues, brush your teeth thoroughly but gently and floss daily. Visit your doctor every three months during your pregnancy to keep your teeth healthy and continue doing so until you’ve finished breastfeeding if you choose to do so.

Clear Constipation

Because you need extra vitamins and nutrients when pregnant, your body will slow your digestive tract down to allow you to absorb more from the foods you eat. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to constipation, which is beyond uncomfortable when there is a baby pushing on your bowels. You can keep things moving by eating lots of fiber and drinking more water. Get safe exercise as often as possible and choose a prenatal vitamin with a more gentle source of iron.

Banish Back Pain

As your stomach grows out, your back curves in to counter the change. This change improves your balance but may cause pain in your back. To minimize it, make a conscious effort to stand and sit straight. This isn’t easy to do with a tiny human hanging in your belly, but do your best. Opt for supportive shoes, as well. Professionals in a back pain management facility can help. Some pregnancies are excruciating and you deserve all the help you can get. Talk to your doctor about what exercises you can do at home to help you.

Pregnancy will absolutely change your body, and you won’t like every change it makes. The discomfort you feel now will be well worth it when you’re snuggling your precious newborn. Until then, use these tips and tricks to feel a little better as you anxiously await your newest family member.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.