Cute Baby of the Week is Gian Codie. His sweet sister nominated him as cute baby of the week. Gian Codie is from the Philippines and is a shining star!

What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby?

My mom chose the name Gian Codie for my brother because My father name is starts with the letter ‘G’ and the Codie comes from the name of the boy in a movie we watched when I had my 1st communion.

How Old is Gian Codie?

He is now 3yrs old turnig 4 this june 19, 2018


Tell us about your baby’s birth story…

The birth story of our baby is so funny! The doctor did not slap his bum because he cried as soon as he was born! My dad saw his tiny little dimple beside his mouth, it is so cute!

What is your baby’s personality like?

He is a kind generous and loveable. When I’m sick he wants to take care of me. Codie is one of a kind person. I love him more than my life codie is my life

My fb acc is: Colin Ysabel Erandio
my I.G. is : Cholheen
Codie’s fb page is: Gian Codie Erandio

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