Dave Dahl- founder of Dave’s Killer Bread:  If you love healthy, whole-grain breads, his name is synonymous with the best bread known to mankind.    But Dave’s story is more really one of transformation.  Dave was homeless, then in prison with little hope of a promising future and yet somehow he turned his life around and in doing so, he found peace balance and purpose in his life.

Dave’s Killer bread not only makes delicious bread that will feed your family in a natural healthful way but the company’s mission of employing ex-felons teaches us all a lesson of second chances.

As parents, we constantly need to remind ourselves and our children that mistakes are not fatal and that they cannot define who we are.  We have the ability to turn things around and do the right thing and with proper guidance, we can learn to read, follow instructions, make better friends and eventually build multi-million dollar companies.  Dave Dahl is living proof.  Listen to his words carefully and you will hear a story of positive change that everyone can learn from.


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