We are excited to introduce Edwin, the world’s first interactive and educational rubber duck! A combination of a classic toy and a modern app, this timeless piece should become a staple in your home!

This motion based interaction with a mobile app is perfect for children that are newborns and up! Through SQUACK technology (a motion based interaction with a mobile app) your child will love Edwin! We tested Edwin on babies, toddlers and school aged children. Our favorite reaction was the belly laugh from our toddler who though that Edwin was hilarious! Children learn by simple tapping, turning and tilting Edwin. There are educational games for every developmental stage, so Edwin grows with your family.

From shapes and colours/colors to numbers and letters, each game is very trendy and new, but the appeal of Edwin is timeless, the cute little rubber duck who makes learning a game of imagination and fun!


Our school aged children loved the educational games and challenges, while the babies and toddlers enjoyed the songs, colors/colours and age appropriate games. Edwin can even go in the bath with your child afterward! He is waterproof and can stream music while your children enjoy an adventure in the bath with Edwin!

You can connect Edwin to a Bluetooth and enjoy his bath time songs, or just stream your own music! Edwin also is great for bed time, as you can adjust him to become an LED nightlight and play an exclusive lullaby or a soothing sound. Why not choose your own favorite night time song? Simply stream your favorites!

Edwin is also very safe, being BPA free. He retails for $99.99 and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, LED nightlight, a thermometer, wireless waterproof speaker and just like his rubber duck predecessor, he FLOATS! If you thought that this was amazing, to top it off, Edwin comes with his own nest to rejuvenate him for another full day of adventures with your children.

Game features include…
• Play – Educational games teach shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.
• Learn – Stories emphasizing self-confidence and good decision-making.
• Sing – Edwin (waterproof) can splash and play in the bath, shower or pool while streaming original content or a favorite playlist.
• Dream – Use the separate “Edwin Lullaby” app to adjust the color of Edwin’s LED nightlight and play exclusive lullabies/white noise.


Visit Edwin today to learn more where you can get this amazing toy!