The Cockroach By Elise Gravel


Well Hello Cockroach! People are terrified of you but you are not as terrifying as people have made you seem. If you did not buy into the many myths of animals and insects who were deemed creepy or evil, you are going to learn and love this book by Elise Gravel.


What is it about?


The Cockroach is a part of a fascinating series about critters who are misunderstood and what they are actually about. As a child, Elise was interested in the critters that were considered disgusting but really just misunderstood. She shares this wisdom with our children, but it’s guaranteed that parents are going to learn a thing or two as well.


Elise has a magic that highlights the cockroach into a fascinating insect. It is! Considered a pest by many, with good reason in regards to infestation, the cockroach is also very misunderstood.


Cockroaches are incredible, but as humans, we do not want to share a space with them. They cause so many problems! You will have to read about the good and the bad in the book.


The talented Elise Gravel also illustrated the book! The pictures give character to the cockroach and are bold and strong. Your kids will love it and so will you, even though you still might not want to live with them.


Tundra Publishing’s Disgusting Critters series is a hit with families! You start to love the creepy critters and you walk away with fun facts as well.


Extra Credit


Have your child write five positive things about cockroaches. Yes, positive things. It will show that they can see beyond the fear and stereotype and be able to weigh both the positive and the negatives of cockroaches with humans.