Family Fashion and Finances: How to Dress Baby on a Budget

By: Brooke Chaplan


It is always an exciting experience when a family is able to welcome a new baby into their home and into their lives. Because they’ve received such a precious and special gift, parents do all they can to make sure babies are fed, clothed, changed, well-rested, and happy. One of the tricks of parenting is knowing how to use the money wisely because the needs of a baby aren’t the most inexpensive. Because these expenses easily add up quickly, there are a few ways to cut a few corners. Consider these tactics for dressing a baby on a budget.

Keep an Eye Out for Online Sales

There are plenty of websites that take a sizable percentage off clothing after using a few coupons. Take advantage of the sales and clearance deals at various stores for baby clothing as well. There’s no need to wait until the baby can fit into a larger size. Buy baby clothes that the baby will eventually need as they get older. Keep an eye out for sales and ask friends to do the same.

Put Clothes in the Baby Registry

Register at the places with the most adorable baby clothing . After registering for the ideal baby clothes, these will become free gifts from adoring friends and family members. This expands the closet tremendously, and allows baby to be stylish in cute clothes without the high price tag.


The average family experiences their fair share of hand-me-downs. Whether the child is 10 or 2, hand-me-downs save a ton of money on clothing over time. Children will naturally grow out of certain items due to sizing. Instead of letting the clothes go to waste, recycle them and give to someone else who may be in need. As long as the items are kept in good condition, there’s no reason a mom can’t pass down the gently used sundress to a little cousin in need. For anyone who receives and gives baby clothing, make sure there is a thorough washing between parties. Do not pass over clothes with stains or the burp cloth the baby threw up in. Babies will find germs and cling to them. Be sure to do the due diligence and keep everything (including clothes) sanitized and germ-free.

There are plenty of loopholes around paying top dollar for quality clothing for a new baby. Between sales, discounts, registries, and hand-me-downs, it is possible to keep a baby comfortably clothed without breaking the bank. After all, the baby will soon grow into a toddler, so these clothes can’t last forever. You might as well save as much as possible on this end and dress the baby on a budget!