Mili and Lilies

Most parents have a busy lifestyle and are looking for high qualities products for their little ones. Many families want to find only the best for their children, but do not have the time to surf through reviews and buy products that just don’t have the quality that they need. That is why we do the hard work for you. There are brands out there that have your child’s best interest at heart. Mili and Lilies is one of those brands and they also have a big heart and give back to those who need it in a big way.

Giving Back To Those Who Are In Need

Owner Stephanie knows what it is like to give back. Helping those who need it is not only important to her, but her family. When she created Mili and Lilies, a high quality brand for new families, she knew that she had to give back to a community of people who needed it. Since children are her passion, Stephanie would give back to children. Mili and Lilies gives to the MBP Foundation. The MBP Foundation gives over 2000 meals a week to feed over 500 children in the village of Tivery Haiti.

Haiti Charity

Families in this area are also given money to pay for school and it brings in a team of doctors, nurses and dentists to travel there annually. MBP was founded by Stephanie’s local church. She has seen the good that they have done in that area and where every dollar is going. When you shop at Mili and Lilies, you can see that each item you purchase has an amount of meals next to it. That is the amount of meals that will be purchased for a child in need which will be sent at the end of the month.

Mili and Lilies

When you shop at Mili and Lilies, you are getting high quality products and gifts. The reason why this store is going to do so well is not only the amazing stuffed toys and the high quality baby products, but because it’s owned by a real parent. Stephanie loves what she does and this online shop is a testament on how much she loves each and every client. She ensures that your child is happy while making sure other children are being fed and cared for in the way they deserve. This is not just a business, it is a love story about families.

From mealtime to accessories to that special gift, we are spoiled with Mili and Lilies!

Violet The Fawn Review

mili and Lilies

We were gifted a beautiful Violet the Fawn. You are going to be so excited about what these handmade plushies have to offer! Each plush has a story about the beautiful animal your child will be gifted. Each plush is made with care. You can see the high quality and love put into it. Each plushie was made in Peru with sustainable fabrics. You know you are getting a gift that is not only beautiful for your child but a keepsake for life. The story is attached to each beautiful plush.


Mili and Lilies is an online store that you can trust. Parents everywhere know that their high level of quality and care is in ever product. Children will love the plushies, accessories and more. Parents will love the safety, high quality and dedication to charity. There are many online stores, but only one Mili and Lilies.