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We all become nervous to think about planning our estate, but as parents, we will be doing our children a FAVOR by planning for the future. has made it simple for parents who want to get there wills finished without the meetings with lawyers.

Family is the most important thing to us. Time is also extremely important. knows this and has broken down the creation of wills into 4 Easy Steps.


  • Click on the top right corner to first register with us
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  • 4 Print off your document and signing instruction letter

We could not believe it was this easy! What we love most is this website is created by a Canadian lawyer for Canadian parents! (It’s also nice to save on those legal fees and put even more money away for our loved ones!)formalwill1


We also love the articles about planning wills, power of attorneys, taxes, retirement, life insurance,estate planning and even articles about properly planning for our pets! They really thought of everything!


All of your information is secure and you can have your will staring back at you on the screen moments after you have completed it. What a piece of mind!

formalwill does not only give you a piece of mind, but gives back to the community. Bark For Life, Helping Hands and Pancreatic Cancer Canada’s  Quest For Awareness are three charities that are supported by


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