5 Tips For The Newly Pregnant Woman

Congratulations! You took the pregnancy test and your doctor has confirmed, you are in fact, PREGNANT! You are filled with joy, possible nerves and wonder, there is just so much to know! After gazing through the endless aisles of a baby store, you ask yourself, where do I start? Who do I tell? Here is a guide:

Decide Who To Tell and When- Traditionally, a mother waits until her third month to tell relatives and friends about a pregnancy. This is to ensure you go through the first trimester smoothly. Some women take this route and others do not and tell  others right away. It is totally up to you. Usually, a mother to be tells the father of the baby, relatives and then friends, acquaintances and their boss.

Get A Pregnancy Guide Book- It may sound cliche, but it is so important. Your body will be going through some massive changes at a quick pace. There are some things that may worry a new mother and it is great to have a guide to learn exactly what your body is doing and how your baby is growing.

Do You Want A Specialist, A Midwife or a Doula? Will you have your family doctor deliver your baby (does he or she deliver, do they have a relationship with your hospital?) or will you have a specialist (in some countries a specialist costs extra, while in others, its just a quick referral from your doctor). There is also the option of home births, with a midwife or a doula. Make a birth plan that suits you and get to know each of these avenues well. Each person is a goldmine for information. If you have the time, meet with each to make the decision that is best for you and your baby.

Decide If You Want To Know The Gender Of Your Baby- Generally in the middle of your fourth month, you are given the option to find out the gender of your baby. Do you find out so you can start buying some adorable outfits? Or do you wait and find out the gender when you meet your little one the first time? Both are great choices but you have to make the one that suits you the most.

Assess Your Eating Habits- Do you want to make sure you cut out some junk food or other indulgences? Would you like to embark on a healthy eating plan while you are pregnant for your baby? Speak to your doctor and/or a nutritionist to make sure you and baby are getting the nutrients and vitamins you need.

There are so many things to consider when you receive the news that you will have a new baby (or babies!) Let these tips be the first of many big decisions you make for your pregnancy!