Get Them On Their Tummy! But Why??

Rochel Ferman - Make My Baby Smile

Rochel Ferman – Make My Baby Smile

As a mom we come home from the hospital and we are told we have to do tummy time, but why? What, if any benefits does tummy time provide? Today I am going to let you in on some of the amazing things tummy time does for your little one!

Tummy time adds the following benefits:
1.Helps strengthen their back and neck muscles reducing their risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). These strong muscles will also aid your little one in rolling, crawling, standing and eventually walking.
2.Helps keep your baby’s head round. We lay our babies down on their back to sleep so giving them time on their belly will keep them off the back of their heads and avoid a flat spot in the back of their head.
3.Helps them sleep better. Yes that’s right, helps them sleep better! Tummy time actually sends a signal to their brain that helps them sleep better. Oh and it wears them out a little, making them tired and ready for some sleep.
4.Helps relieve gas, which can also help them sleep better. The pressure on their belly gets that extra gas out of their belly.
5.Develops their motor skills. As they get up on their hands, they want to be part of the action around them. They want to touch different fabrics, reach for toys and develop their strength to move more.

Tummy is very important and you can start it immediately when you get home from the hospital. The umbilical cord may still be on and that is ok. If they don’t like it just do a minute or two and increase it each time. Enjoy watching your little one work out and let them enjoy a new view of the world from their bellies!