We suppose that all good things have to come to an end… or do they? We are so thankful for our Blogger of The Year, Momma Braga who really went above and beyond for our readers.

We chose Momma Braga, a Canadian based blogger because of her wit, wisdom and her ability to choose to write honest and sincere blog posts. She pours her heart in every post (we would have a string of emails going back and forth with her keen attention to every detail to make sure she is educating the readers).

Let us tell you a little something about the Momma behind Momma Braga.

Yes, she did what every good blogger of the year should do. She wrote honest and effective posts for us. She actively and enthusiastically supported every campaign we attended every twitter chat, even during the day during her work hours. She shared her family, thoughts and feelings with our readers.

Good-Bye To Our 2017 Blogger of The Year Momma Braga

She works a fully time job and blogs until the late hours at night. She researches every post and spends a great amount of detail in her interviews and product reviews.

She also did a lot more.

She supported you.

She supported every blogger of the day. That’s 365 bloggers. She shared articles of all of our other bloggers and befriended so many of them.  She reached out to our readers who were suffering and just posting online so someone would listen. She listened. She helped so many people.

Her Readers

She listened to her readers. She was aligned with our belief to only support brands that you really believe in. She helped and promoted charities selflessly. She interviewed celebrities for us and the Mom and Dad next door who are doing extraordinary things.

Good-Bye To Our 2017 Blogger of The Year Momma Braga

But, as she is our Blogger of The Year, we sadly must let her go. 2017 is almost over and with that, she will leave us as we announce our new Blogger(s) of the Year for 2018 who we are so excited about.

If you have been reading Momma Braga, keep reading. There is going to be big things coming from her.

If you are a brand looking for a great blogger to work with

It’s Momma Braga as she is so supportive, engaging and really becomes a great ambassador for your product or service if it fits the Momma Braga Brand.

If you have not read Momma Braga, start. She will never steer you wrong. Her blog reads as a best friend sharing with another. Complete with delicious recipes, product reviews and some REAL blog posts that keep the reader coming back.

She wants to write. For the rest of her life. Telling people’s stories, making sure you are being informed and entertained.

So we say good-bye to Momma Braga as our Blogger of the Year, the Canadian blogger who became an international blogger with heart, determination and above all, honest blogging. It’s unfortunately a rare find but you will find it in her.

But, we do have a big announcement.

We have taken Melanie Braga, the face of Momma Braga on as a part of The Baby Spot team as our Assignments Editor. We are so thrilled that she will be working for us and join us in our journey to unite parents from around the world, by celebrating the similarities and embracing the differences of parenting practices world-wide. We are so excited to have such a valuable asset and now poor Momma Braga is stuck with us.

Good-Bye To Our 2017 Blogger of The Year Momma Braga

Melanie Braga will be available for Assignments. She will explore the Greater Toronto Area with us finding hot spots for both families and date nights. She will interview experts, key influencers, celebrities and more and she will be testing products and services available.

We are so excited for Melanie to join our team and we know that 2018 will be our best year yet!

To reach Melanie, email her at melaniebraga@thebabyspot.ca.