Green Beaver Toothpaste

When you meet someone new, the first thing people see is your smile. You want your teeth to be healthy and clean when you go out into the world. Similarly, you want to promote excellent dental hygiene to your kids. How do you inspire regular brushing to your children and make it fun while taking care of their dental health? We found a friend in Green Beaver Toothpaste. It’s going to change the way your family sees dental care.

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Get Your Whole Family To Enjoy Brushing

We love teeth! Having good dental health actually helps your body in other ways as well. Consequently, having poor dental health can put your body into health challenges in the future. Let’s teach our children about good dental health so they can show off their pearly whites with pride for the rest of their lives! Green Beaver has 5 fun and wonderful flavors for your whole family to enjoy!

How It Started, How It’s Going

In 2002, Karen Clark and her husband Alain Menard created The Green Beaver Company. But this isn’t your ordinary entrepreneur duo! Karen was a biochemist in pesticides and Alain was a microbiologist int he pharmaceutical industry. Both Alain and Karen were astounded and appalled with the amount of chemicals that were found in both personal care and regular household cleaning products. This puts everyone at risk, including children. They wanted to take their combined expertise and make a business that can elevate the way we all see personal care. Enter Green Beaver.

organic dental care

Green Beaver makes sure that each of their products are safe for you and your family. They have created a brand that can be trusted by families anywhere. Many parents do not have the time to go and research every brand their family may need. Trust Green Beaver to make sure only the safest ingredients will be in your families products.

When we heard about Green Beaver’s toothpaste line for families, we were so excited to try each one!

Green Beaver Toothpaste

We were very excited to try these fantastic Green Beaver toothpaste flavors! There were five flavors in all Kid’s Fluoride Free Bubble Gum, Kid’s Fluoride Free Strawberry, Ultra-Whitening Fresh Mint, Natural Green Apple and Natural Fruity Orange. There was a flavor for everyone’s tastes and what they would enjoy. The children love the different flavors but as parents we really care that these toothpastes are 100% natural and they are also flouride free. That is so important to so many people to know what is in their toothpastes!

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So How Was It?

Wow, so we tried all five of the Naturapeutic and Flavor Collection Toothpastes and here is what we really thought.  These flavors left our teeth feeling clean and polished. Each toothpaste felt gentle on our teeth. Since we have a family of a child and a young one who just started to use toothpaste, it is important that we have a toothpaste that is going to prevent cavities and tooth decay but also have some fun flavors that make children excited about a brushing routine.  Green Beaver does just that!

organic orange toothpaste

As a parent, I felt comfortable with Xylitol, that birch extract that is natural but also helps bacteria that causes those dreaded cavities. We have a goal that there will not be one cavity in our house! It can be a lofty one but I believe that with Green Beaver, this is entirely possible. Having good dental health is integral for your overall health. Do you know that some health challenges can be first seen by your dentist? Having good dental health is good for you all encompassing. We loved that this prevented plaque and the children adored the flavors. Suddenly, the kids are the ones telling us its time to brush twice a day!

Our smallest one loved the Strawberry the best. She loves her precious strawberries so we were not surprised that this was her favorite. Why does she love a strawberry flavored toothpaste so much? Well with Green Beaver, the strawberry flavor is made with real strawberries and the Bubble Gum flavor is made with real cherries.

What Mom and Dad Loved

As parents, we loved all of the flavors. I personally loved that for with the anti-cavity kids’ toothpastes they are safe to swallow. You got to love that these toothpastes are made in Canada! A lot of thought went into this company. They are packaged safely in recyclable materials with biodegradable ingredients. Green Beaver knows what families want and what they need to stay healthy together. Now, with all of these great things, one would think this toothpaste is so expensive! Luckily, it is also cost friendly, retailing at $6.99 to $7.99. How wonderful that Green Beaver is so great to families and also cost effective.

Safe teeth whitening

My partner liked that there is actually a tooth whitening option. Other competitive toothpastes an be harsh on the teeth but Green Beaver is safe and gentle on our teeth and gums. In only three days, we started to see a difference in our teeth.


Where To Buy Green Beaver Products

Green Beaver is available at all of your favorite stores including Jean-Coutu, Loblaws, Avril Supermarche, Sante, IGA, Sobeys, Rachelle-Berry, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Healthy Planet. Don’t forget at the Green Beaver Website! Green Beaver is also approved by Health Canada.

green apple flavor toothpaste

Green Beaver loves families and wants your family to have only the best product for your dental care. Since good dental hygiene plays a role in overall health, Green Beaver is going to help you start your day off right and end your day nicely with its toothpastes. Start your children off right by getting them excited to brush their teeth.When looking for safe, high quality toothpaste for your pearly whites, choose only Green Beaver.