Many parents worry about loose blankets that can cover their babies face and interfere with their breathing. Now, there is a sleep slack swaddle that will keep your baby warm without the worry of covering their precious face!



The Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle is perfect for your baby! The SleepSack Swaddle to reflect the 3-ways that parents can use it to match their baby’s sleep style!

All one has to do is dress your baby in regular sleepwear and fold the left swaddle wing over the babies right arm and torso, tucking under the babies left arm. Then all you have to do is decide whether to have your babies arms out or in!

What we love best the Halo Sleep Swaddle is that the Halo’s products go all the way up to 5T! Each product is 100% cotton and is trusted by more than 1250 hospitals to promote safe sleep for babies.

Trust Halo, the original wearable blanket with adjustable swaddle wrap!