Holistic Nutrition Consultations Step by Step with Lisa Millar, RHN

By:Lisa Millar, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, BA, ECE


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What happens during a consultation with me, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist?
In this article, I will walk you through my consultation process, step by step. You will find out what is expected of you, what you can expect from me and most importantly, how you will benefit.

As my client, you will get VIP treatment. The consultation and assessment process is all about you and your health.

Step one-schedule an appointment with me– in person or via Skype. This first step is huge! Are you feeling overwhelmed about what to eat, too tired to make healthy meals, or simply not have enough time to consider your nutrition needs? You are not alone! We lead very busy lives. Many times, we make “bad” food choices or feel embarrassed because we “have tried every diet on the planet and the weight still does not stay off”. It happens to the best of us. But, with the aid of my individualized assessment and consultation, you will achieve your nutrition/diet goals easier than you thought possible. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling your best! It is time for you to take control over your health, time for you to make some changes.

Step two-Initial appointment- about 15-20 minutes. I will ask you what I can do for you and what your health/nutrition goals are. I will also provide you with my assessment forms. At this point, you fill out the forms and send them back to me. It generally takes about an hour to complete the forms.

Once you have returned your forms to me, I begin working on your recommendations/report, and your personal do-able action plan. Your action plan is a step-by-step customized nutrition plan geared towards achieving your health goals. It also focuses on any nutritional imbalances I may have come across in your assessment forms. Of course, I am available by email or phone to answer any questions you might have.


Step three-second appointment– one hour. During this appointment, we will review the information that you filled out on the forms. My recommendations/report is divided into areas that need attention. For example, you may need to increase some nutrients that are lacking in your diet, or you may need to cut back on certain foods. Sometimes, an imbalance might occur depending on when you are eating or how much at one sitting. Again, the focus is always on your needs as an individual.

This is when you get to work, turning your goals into reality. You will leave this session with usable information regarding your initial area of focus. Diet changes will always be included, but I may also suggest some lifestyle changes or supplements if necessary. (Just a word about supplements- my main focus is on food/diet changes since this is where I believe significant changes can be made).

Step four- Final appointment, 30 minutes. Once you have implemented these suggestions for 2-3 weeks, we meet up again for a follow up appointment. We will talk about how you are feeling now that you have made the changes. I will ask a very important question: What differences have you noticed? Many people notice a change in their well-being within a few weeks.

Some general benefits of eating well are improved digestion, better elimination, weight loss, increased energy, and better sleep. More specific benefits to your health will depend on your specific needs and goals.
At this point, ask yourself: Does the plan need to be tweaked? Do you need to take this process to the next level? You may be seeing results that are encouraging, leaving you feeling excited for the next stage in nutritional health and well-being.

You work hard. Make the food you eat WORK for you.

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Disclaimer: This information is restricted to consultation on the subject of health matters and intended for general well-being and is not meant for the purposes of medical diagnosis or the prescribing of medicine for any disease or any licensed or controlled act which may constitute the practice of medicine