Taffimai: The Three Little Pigs ebook Review


I just love interactive storybooks that allow children to manipulate the characters so that they can visually follow along. The Taffimai: The Three Little Pigs ebook is not like any other e-book that I have had the pleasure of using with my son. Not only is the story read to my son, but he also able to move the characters to follow the story within the book.

With just a tap on the wolf, my son was able to get the wolf to huff and puff at the pig’s houses. (This was his favourite part) The story even has a surprise ending that I know all children would love to experience.
As much as I love to read stories to my son, I love how this app provides him with the same experience of being read to, and also the luxury of him being independent and making appropriate choices while on the iPad.
The Taffimai: The Three Little Pigs ebook is a free download (Mommy’s favourite Part) and downloadable in Italian, English, French, and Spanish.