We love books where children and animals are incorporated living harmoniously together, respecting one another and loving each other. We also appreciate the fact that the topic of death can be hard to speak to children about, but that it is necessary as death is a part of life.

How Brady and Deucey Became Buster and Lucy to Get Princess Autumn Home covers so many important topics and is a great book for children and adults alike.

“No need to mourn, forever, you’re always you, just in slightly different forms, know this to be true.”

Brady and Deucey are brothers from different fur Mothers! They have to help Princess Autumn get back home but they have to go through the Passage Mysterious first. Brady tells the story about how families sometimes join together, learn to love each other and how to handle the loss of a loved one.

This book has the philosophy that our loved ones come back to us, even if it is in a different way. This healthy way is a great conversation starter for children who are trying to understand the concept of death.

Our four year old loved the book and was really engaged by the bright, bold and easy to understand illustrations. This book has a perfect circle of life understanding.

When we read this book to other parents, they were surprised how interested they would be in a book geared to children. The way it is beautifully written, the clear messaging and the way it gets you to think of life more positively makes this a perfect book for children and a great reminder for parents. Expect a lot of insightful conversation with your children.

A Special thank you to J.A. Zaremski for creating a beautiful book. One of the best we have read in a long time. Lauren Scott compliments well with her beautiful illustrations.

We highly recommend this book for families and schools. It would make a great classroom discussion and a great family dinner conversation. We know this would be read again and again in your household. Pick it up on Amazon today!