As parents, having a new baby can be a wonderful experience but sometimes we can feel overwhelmed. Coupled with a lack of sleep, making big decisions for baby can be difficult. When it comes to feeding your baby, many parents do not know where to begin.

Should you give your baby breast milk or formula? How long do you feed your baby just milk. One of the most important questions we receive from parents is when to feed your baby solid foods. Do you feed your baby solid foods when they get teeth, or is there a magical age to begin to introduce some of those delicious foods to your baby?  Most importantly, what do you feed your baby? What foods are the best to introduce to your little one first?

It’s hard to find reliable resources in print and online that can guide you through this process. We have gone through so many lists, websites and literature but we have only been able to find one complete guide that will answer all parent’s questions easily and efficiently.

It’s time to get excited about planning your baby’s food menu. There is a lot of information out there but no one makes it more clear and simple to understand than The Complete Guide to Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods.

The Complete Guide To Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods breaks down the age by age of feeding your baby, great facts from blogs you trust and they also give you some delicious baby food recipes that your little one will love.

This guide gives new parents the tools that they need to help them indicate when their baby is ready to begin the transition to solid foods. This easy to use guide is extremely informative and you will find yourself visiting and revisiting this site again for more tips, advice and recipes. The Complete Guide to Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods will help you with also commonly asked questions such as, “Do you feed your baby vegetables or fruits first?” or understanding the nutrients in every solid food introduction and what your baby needs.

As for the recipes, we highly recommend trying them all but the banana puree was a hit with our baby.  It is not only full of potassium but has a lot of energy for your little one.

When your baby reaches a certain age or starts showing interest in what you’re eating, your journey into solid food slowly begins. Enter this exciting time with facts and insight. Check out The Complete Guide to feeding Your Baby Solid Foods and get reliable, insightful information.