Tips to Choose Summer Food for Babies



For the newborn babies, kids, and toddlers, the trickiest time is summer season. The infants and little kids are easy to get ill because the dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn can impact on the babies if parents take care of them improperly.

Nonetheless, mothers should not be too worry. We understand mothers’ interest in their love babies, so we want to share some of the tips related to summer food for kids. Let’s see!

Choosing Summer Food for Kids with Following Tips

Keep these tips in your mind when picking up summer food for your babies!


In summer, it is necessary to prepare the healthy and cool drinks for babies.

  • It selects the recipes based on the age of babies. For the infants and toddler, once a week is okay.
  • Starting with 2 or 3 tsps. After you can gradually increase the content.
  • For the babies over 8 months of age and toddlers, coconut is also considered as a good choice.
  • It must remove any ingredients from your recipe that your babies are allergic.


  • The recipes need to fit the age of your babies.
  • The more the age is, the more the quantity is also.
  • For the infants under one-year-old, you should not use jiggery, sugar, honey, or any sweetness. The best is to choose fruits to replace them.
  • It ought to avoid all the nuts for babies under 3 years old because they can get choking. If the babies like, you should ground nuts or instead, almond powder, dry fruit powder, or nut powder.
  • Any ingredients can make kids allergic that you need to remove it right away.
  • If wanted, you can also chill kheers ~ 10 minutes.


  • It removes any ingredients that he/she is allergic.
  • Formula milk is important for babies under one year old. Necessarily, you must provide at least 120ml/ day.
  • It ought to use a cup of juices, instead of using a bottle.
  • Drinking juices throughout the baby’s meal. Don’t use at bedtime!
  • It should only use the natural sweetness from fruits for little kids and toddlers. It skips the whole sweetness.
  • Don’t utilize ice.
  • The fresh vegetables and fruits are made juices that must be served right away (fifteen minutes after preparing).
  • Both vegetables and fruits must be washed well.

Smoothies and Lassi

  • It ought to add coconut milk, curd/ yogurt, or coconut water when preparing the smoothies.
  • The curd must make yourself without the sour. Let’s remember it!
  • To make lassi or smoothies must utilize the fresh fruits and serve for babies right away after preparing for 15 minutes.
  • Any fresh ingredients are used for the foods of babies, which must be rinsed a clean way.


For the babies can eat the ground foods, mothers must know which foods are good for them. Look at here!

  • Amaranth – It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C, and lysine. This vegetable is good for large intestine of babies.
  • Carrot – It is rich in vitamin A and B. vitamin A helps babies grow and maintain the healthy cells while vitamin B helps them feel appetite in summer. Cooking carrots with your soup or porridge in a rice cooker is very well.
  • Potatoes – They are rich in fiber, which helps stimulate the digestive system, avoid constipation, and eliminate toxins.
  • Orange – Thanks to the sour taste and cool nature, oranges help stimulate salivation and treat a cough.
  • Watermelon – It contains many natural antioxidants and is also a source of vitamin C and A. Thanks to the beta-carotene and lycopene ingredients in watermelon, it helps cure constipation efficiently.
  • Lemon – This fruit is good for those who get dry mouth, thirst mouth, fatigue, anorexia,… You can add a little sugar to make lemon juice or soak with salt, make a spice in a meal for kids.

Aside from that, mothers also need to pay attention some foods that should less use for kids in summer, including:

  • Bean: People often use cook them as a drink when the weather is hot. Nevertheless, if the babies eat bean too much, their erythrocytes will be damaged.
  • Ginkgo: It has a lot of use such as treating migraines, enhancing memory,… But, ginkgo is not good for babies when it is easy to lead to the skin diseases.
  • Almonds: It should not let kids eat almonds so much because after 2-6 hours will appear the symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, or even poisoning.
  • Lychee: Eating a lot of lychee in the morning will make children get sudden dizziness, cold sweats, pale skin, diarrhea, thirst, and palpitations.

Choosing the right food for babies in summer is vital. In addition to the beneficial kinds, there are also harmful kinds. So, you carefully need to learn and consider.