How I do things Vs. How my husband does things

We all know that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and that’s why we work so well together (or something like that). But what I really want to talk about is how astounded I get when my husband does things around the house so differently to me. Things that to me, seem so simple, yet he has such a hard time doing them.

For example, we both do these three things very differently:

  • Making the bed
  • Hanging the towels in the bathroom
  • Changing the toilet roll

Now I’m not to say one way is correct or better than the other, I am merely here just to make an observation of some things I have stumbled across my husband doing around the house, taken photos of, and compared to the way I do things. So, here we go:

Excuse the mess, we’ve been renovating our bathroom for…. Only 18 months now!

In all fairness, he did actually put a fresh roll onto the roll-holder, he just couldn’t quite manage to put the old roll in the bin. I guess on top of the bin is close enough, right!?

Now I’m not complaining. I’m certainly not perfect myself and quite sure I do a few wacky things around the house too (no doubt my husband has seen this post and already started his own little catalogue of pictures as I type this).

But what I’m really interested in, is knowing whether other husbands do similar-type things around the house? Does your husband hang towels and make the bed the same way my husband does? Or does he have some other strange habits you’ve noticed??

Let us know in the comments below (you can use an alias if you want to make an anonymous comment) or pop it up on Instagram with the hastag #ohbeehavehusband

Can’t wait to hear your stories and see your pics!!





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