How many baby wipes per month – You are about to have a baby and you realize, you have to get baby wipes and lots of them! Perhaps you are a new parent and you are wondering how many of those wipes you will use in a day, week, month or year. Babies pee or poo up to twelve times a day as newborns, so you are going to use a lot! Similarly, as the baby ages, they do use less wipes, but at the same time they are in diapers for the first two to three years of their life. Sometimes longer!

Find out how man baby wipes a baby uses in a month. Also, see if buying those important wipes in bulk is best for your family. Let’s dive into baby wipes, their many uses, the cost and how many you will use in a day, week, month and year.

What Are Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are personal hygiene wipes that you will use to wipe a baby after they have soiled their diaper. Similarly, these baby wipes are used to wipe down surfaces, particularly surfaces your baby uses frequently. From railings to diaper change tables, baby wipes are safe, effective and compactable. Other names for baby wipes include:

Wet Wipes

Baby Wet Wipes

Baby Wet Wipes

Though many people use baby wipes and wet wipes interchangeably, there are differences!

Do They Expire?

They certainly do! After a while, the wipes can dry up. It makes cleaning a lot harder and it is not good for the baby.

How Many Baby Wipes Are In A Pack

There are usually 72 wipes in a pack of baby wipes. There are some brands that sell “jumbo” amounts that can go up to 150 wipes. Similarly, there are compact wipes that can be as low as thirty. Generally, parents carry the standard seventy two wipe package with them at home and when they are out.

What To Look For In Baby Wipes

Even though you get a lot of baby wipes in a pack, you will go through a lot of baby wipes. With that being said, you don’t want any of them to go to waste because if you run out and you have a diaper emergency, you are going to want every single wipe in the house! Jokes aside, here is what you should look for in a pack of baby wipes:

At least 72 wipes a pack- This way, you have enough to last you a few days comfortably without worrying about running out of wipes.

Non Scented- You want wipes that don’t smell like anything. You’re wiping in your child’s intimate areas and you want to keep things safe for them.

The Package has Reseal- You want to make sure that the pack reseals effectively. If it has a simple adhesive, the wipes could dry out in a few days and that is a loss.

Average Cost of Baby Wipes

With 72 wipes to a pack, parents can buy a box of wipes that come as little as six to a box and as high as twelve packs to a box. Prices range from $6.00 to $27.00USD. They are available at all major retailers and on Amazon.

How Many Baby Wipes Per Day

How many baby wipes you will use in a day varies on a few factors. Firstly, how old your child is. As your child ages, you will need to use less baby wipes. Secondly, if your baby has had a diaper blowout, you may need up to ten wipes or more! Lastly, if you are using them to wipe down surfaces and clean your baby. You will use more than you think.

On average, newborns use approximately 30 baby wipes a day. Older babies could use as low as 15-20 wipes a day.

Older babies have poop that is together, a solid stool. Even though this can stink, it does not require as many wipes as a newborn baby. Newborns have liquidy poop that requires many wipes. Coupled with the occasional diaper blowout, parents can use up to ten wipes a session.

How Many Baby Wipes A Week

For newborn babies, parents can expect to use approximately 210 wipes a week. For older babies and toddlers, parents can expect to use between 105 to 140 wipes a week. This can vary if you use wipes to also clean surfaces for your baby.

How Many Baby Wipes A Month

It may surprise parents how many wipes a parent can use each and every month. For newborn babies, expect around 840 wipes a month. For older babies and toddlers, parents can expect to use 420-560 wipes a month.

How Many Baby Wipes A Year

This number may surprise some parents! For newborn babies or babies that use a lot of wipes, expect to use 10 080 wipes a year. For older babies, expect to use 5040 to 6720 wipes a year. That is a lot of wipes!

If it is financially possible and you have the space, consider buying wipes in bulk. You will be able to save if you buy them by the box. This will help your wallet and you will always have wipes on hand. Don’t buy in bulk unless you have a baby wipes brand that you completely trust.

Buying bulk saves you money in the long run but asks for more of an investment to start. It also means you need to have the space to store bulk baby wipes. If this is possible, you won’t regret always having baby wipes close by.

How long will 1200  wipes last

This is a common question that many parents ask. For a newborn or a young baby, twelve hundred wipes would last approximately one month. If you have a baby or a toddler, twelve hundred wipes can last just over two months.

What Are The best baby wipes 

For many parents, they are looking for similar attributes that make the best baby wipes. Parents look for scentless baby wipes that won’t cause their child irritation. Secondly, they look for wipes that will not cause too much harm to the environment. Lastly, they look for baby wipes that are going to clean up the mess and most importantly, keep their child clean in between diaper changes. Baby wipes are the perfect essential for parents.

Parents have many options, but they look for something safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective. They want something that they can possibly buy in bulk. Parents want baby wipes that come in great quantities.

Though the perfect baby wipes may vary from child to child or family to family, popular baby wipes that many families love are Costco’s Krikland Signature brand, Pampers Baby Wipes and Huggies Baby Wipes. There are many great brands out there, it just matters what your family is looking for. Each brand is cost effective, safe and you can buy in bulk.

Baby Wipe Alternatives

Some parents do not feel comfortable with wipes themselves. They do not like that they pollute the environment. Firstly, you use thousands of wipes a year. These wipes end up in landfills and do not decompose easily. Secondly, wipes have chemicals on them that some parents don’t want to put on their child’s skin. Lastly, some parents are not happy about the costs of wipes.

Here are some alternatives that parents use to keep their child clean.

Wash Cloths

Some parents use washcloths. Washcloths are reusable. Parents like that they can clean the washcloths themselves. It means less chemicals on their child. It is also easy to carry.

However, parents must be aware of mill dew on their wash cloths. They have to clean the cloths regularly and be aware of smells, molds and other challenges.

Homemade Wipes

Some parents use homemade recipes to make their own wipes. Parents love that they know what is on the wipe themselves.

Some parents find this time consuming. Secondly, they struggle carrying multiple homemade wipes around. Lastly, it is difficult to travel with these products.

Old Flannels/ Clothes

Some parents cut up old clothes into equal squares and use them as wipes. This is great for reusing, it is cost effective measure.

Some parents find this a cleanliness challenge. It becomes cumbersome for some parents to watch out for mold or mildew. Lastly, it also smells very bad if you are not washing these flannels as soon as you can.

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