Autumn has arrived and so do millions of babies born in October from all over the world. These babies are ready for the most beautiful season of the year. In some parts of the world, the autumn leaves are falling, which means a lot of outdoor activities exploring. Alternatively, in other parts of the world, spring has sprung, also letting families go outside more to explore and enjoy each other.

Here are some fun facts, tips and stories about babies born in October. Let’s dive in.

October Birth Month Popularity

October is a popular month for baby births. The month of October is nowhere near the births from July to September, but is the fourth most popular month for baby births.

October is the first month of the year where see see consistently cooler nights, leaves change their brilliant colors from greens to reds, yellows, oranges and purples. Maternity hospitals, midwives and doulas are busy but not overwhelmed. Lastly, it is the month of Halloween and in Canada, also the month you celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a busy month for families!

Astrological Sign of Babies Born In October

October has two astrological signs. The first, being Libra. Libra sign is scales. The second astrological sign of an October baby is a Scorpio. the Scorpio sign is of a scorpion.

Babies Born In October Horoscope

An October baby is a very special one indeed. There are two astrological signs this month. Babies who are born from October 1st until October 21st are under the Libra sign. After the 21st, a baby born on October 22nd until the end of the month is a Scorpio. These two signs are powerful in their own right.

Libra October Babies will come into this world curious. As they become children, they will crave social situation and learning. They love to try something new and will have various collections, hobbies and interests. They love to learn and try new things. As your Libra becomes an adult, they will fall in love hard. They are fiercely loyal to their mates and enjoy the company of those they love most.

The Scorpio is pragmatic and yet passionate. Your baby will have a strong will and never give up as they learn new tasks. As a child, you will notice your little Scorpio will have keen interests and study them often. They will perfect skills that they enjoy. As they become teenagers, they will become passionate about causes that mean a lot to them. As adults, they will be passionate about politics, world views and family.

Birth Stone For Babies Born In October

There are two birth stones that represent those who are born in October. They are opal and tourmaline. The first, opal, is a type of silica. Its brilliant colors vary, but one of the most popular color of an opal is tourquoise. These beautiful stones always make a statement.

The second stone is a tourmaline. Like an opal, tourmaline comes in various colors. However, the most rarest colors are blue and green, whereas one of the more common colors of opal are blue hues.

Both of these stones are vibrant, beautiful and are a perfect representation of those who are born in October.

Flower For Babies Born In October

There are two flowers that represent the month of October. They are the marigold and cosmos. A marigold comes in vibrant yellow, orange and red hues. It is a strong and hardy flower that seeds brilliantly every year. Marigolds are not only gorgeous but they ward off certain bugs. They are beautiful for floral displays and can be seen at many weddings as the official flower.

Cosmos are a daisy like flower that comes in shades of purple and pink. They grow beautifully in the sun. They are also used widely in floral displays. You can find them growing in public with ease. They are a hearty flower.

Both the Cosmos and the Marigold are flowers that you can see still maintaining their color during the autumn weather.

Babies Born In October Personality

October babies that are born under the Libra sign are very organized and creative. Your Libra baby will love the outdoors and also is very sociable. They wear their heart on their sleeves. As they grow up, Libras are known to love love. They fall in love easily and mesh with many personality types.

As children, they want to try new things and see them through. You will find your Libra diving into new sports, clubs and hobbies regularly. They learn quickly and with ease. Libras have long term friendships and like social situations.

Babies that are Scorpios are passionate! They really think about life and take a lot of time evaluating situations. they are precise but have a fiery passion that is inspiring. They want believe in what is right and standing up for those who are in less fortunate situations. Even as a child, you will see your little Scorpio be brave when situations are hard and be a person to lean on for their friends when situations warrant.

Babies Born in October Tend To Be

A baby who is born in October tends to be curious. They want to study their parent’s faces. If they are born into a family with siblings, they will want to study their siblings movements. Eventually they will laugh and interact at the play, imagination and games around them.

Babies born in October find the holidays fascinating. By the time it is December, they will be enchanted by the holiday lights. Babies will begin to have quite a personality at a young age. You will notice a lot of laughter. Even your smallest baby will start to lift their head and try to sit up on their own. They are always trying new things. However, they always crave a good, long snuggle from Mom, Dad, parents, guardians and family members. They after all, love love!

Babies Born in October

Curious, compassionate, passionate and determined, the October baby makes their mark the moment that they are born! Loving their family and friends, babies born in October love to explore and learn while enjoying routine and schedules.

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