How to bring your postpartum body back to shape


The joy of becoming a mom cannot be put into words. There’s no happiness as great as the one a mother feels when watching her child grow up healthy, confident and strong. However, even though being a mom is going to be your true full-time job, that doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your own needs and wants. What’s more, if you feel content with yourself, you’ll be a great role model to your child. So, if those extra pounds you carry after childbirth make you anxious, take them head on! Take a look at the tips below. You don’t have to sacrifice quality family time in order to bring your postpartum body back to shape.

Starting with the exercise

Exercising is an obvious answer for anyone looking to get fitter, including new moms. However, it’s obvious that you probably won’t have plenty of time or strength to go and work out at the gym. However, it’s enough just to start moving around more. One of the best practices in this case involves exercising at home. There are various workouts for new moms you can find online that you can easily fit into your daily schedule. Take a good look at your schedule and find the best time to do your bit of physical activity on a regular basis. This can be in the morning, before your child wakes up, during the afternoon naps or even in the evening, when your child is already asleep.

Watch your calories

Paying attention to what you eat is essential after childbirth. This is not just about losing weight; if you breastfeed, you will need at least a 1500-calorie intake per day. Therefore, make sure that your meals cover that amount of calories. Still, you don’t have to eat more than necessary. Try to replace your snacks and the ingredients you use that contain more fat with healthier alternatives. Get your whole family involved so that they can provide additional support and eat healthier, too. If you choose your food and beverages carefully, you won’t have to feel hungry at all, your mood will improve, your weight will start to drop and your child will be happy as well.

Sleeping schedule


It’s already known that proper sleep is directly linked to weight loss. Not only that, but if you get a good night’s rest, you’ll fight depression and anxiety, as well as balance your hormonal levels. With that being said, you get why lack of sleep and restless nights can actually lead to weight gain. But, how on Earth can you get some quality sleep with a baby around? Well, get your baby on the schedule first! This will be extremely beneficial for the child as well. Create daily routines that your child will be able to recognize after a while. The most important routine is the one before bedtime. Be it bathing, cuddling, singing or a mix of activities, make sure that you follow the same routine every evening so that your child’s young brain adopts it as something normal and usual. That way, your kid will drift off to sleep faster and sleep better during the night, which also enables you to do the same.

Effective treatments

Remember, you need to take it easy. You can’t expect to shift back to your old body instantly. Give yourself time, you deserve it. After all, losing weight and getting fit was never about huge amounts of exercising or strict diets. It is how persistent and regular you are with making small and healthy changes to your lifestyle every day.