When you have come up with the perfect first name for your baby, you want to find that epic middle name. You want something that is going to highlight and compliment the first name but be able to be strong by itself as well. WE have some top tips on how to choose a middle name and love it.

Many people get stumped on how to choose the perfect middle name. They want something to compliment the first name but there can be many pressures to make choosing a middle name hard.

Why Finding A Perfect Middle Name Is Difficult

Many families struggle to find that perfect middle name. Whether it is pressure from family to choose a name of their liking to no name complimenting the first name, it can be stressful. Religion, families and the flow of a name can be some of the many reasons people wait until the last minute to choose a middle name. With this top advice, you will come closer to finding that perfect middle name.

How To Choose A Middle Name

Parents need to find a middle name that works well with both the first name and the last name. That can be a big task! Choosing a middle name links your babies entire name together.Here are the best tips to find the perfect baby name.

Popular Middle Names

Popular middle names are a reflection of the times. If a royal person names their child a certain name, generally that name becomes more popular. About ten years ago, unique and new names were on the rise. Now, there is a revival of old and traditional names. No matter what the trend, a popular name is a great way to go when it comes to finding a good middle name. Here are the most popular names for girls and boys to help you find inspiration to the best middle name for your child.

Popular Middle names for Girls

When looking for a middle name to compliment the first and last name of your baby, the easiest way to make that happen is by looking at some of the most popular girl names out there. Popular names are obviously well known and people were be more inclined to say and spell the name properly. Since it is so well liked, it will usually go well with many first names. Make sure to research the meanings of each name as well so you can find something that really works for you.

The Most Popular Names For Girls

Currently, the top ten most popular names for girls are:

  • Harper
  • Evelyn
  • Mia
  • Isabella
  • Sophia
  • Ava
  • Amelia
  • Charlotte
  • Emma
  • Olivia

Each origin and meaning is listed in the link above.

Popular Middle names for Boys

Finding a great middle name for a boy does not have to be challenging! To get inspired, you can simply look at the popular boy name list. These top ten boy’s names are well known to people everywhere and each one will make a good strong middle name,

Here are the top ten boy’s names from ten to one:

  • Theodore
  • Henry
  • Lucas
  • Benjamin
  • William
  • James
  • Elijah
  • Oliver
  • Noah
  • Liam

These are great names that everyone loves and knows well. They will make a great fit for the perfect boy’s middle name.

Generational Middle Name

A generational middle name is a name that is passed down from generation to generation. Their are many ways families pass down a middle name. Some names are passed from grandparent to grandchild while others are passed from parent to child. These names have been in families for generations.

Some cultures expect you to give the middle name of a family member to a child. This can be a beautiful exchange so that this child fees like they belong. Alternatively, it can cause challenges as some families may not want their child to have this name. No matter what, the name has meaning and history to your family.

These names honor the legacy which is your child’s heritage and all of the people before them named the same name.

Namesake Middle Names

A namesake middle name is honoring someone that is very special to you and/or your partner. This person could be a friend or a family member. They have played a role in your life or your parent’s lives and were exceptional. Namesake middle names build bonds, honor a person in your life or who was in your life and keep family close.

If you choose a namesake for someone who is alive, choose a close family member or friend. Ideally, this person should be someone who has been in your lives for years and has had a significant positive impression on it. Honoring a loved one will create a bond between your baby and the namesake and solidify family relationships.

Some words of wisdom would be to pick someone who has been in your lives for years. Especially with friends, people can be there for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Someone who is your friend now may not be later on. Naming your child after someone means this person is committed to being in your life for a long time and/or has made a significant impact on it.

Alternatively, you can name your child after someone who has passed away. this is a great way to honor that person. It is a beautiful tribute to the name sake and those who loved and miss the name sake will appreciate to see the name live on in your child.

Name Sake names are popular all over the world, are quite common in many cultures and will be for generations to come. It is a part of culture, family history and honoring those that you love.

Choose a Middle Name From Your Culture

Many people choose a culturally appropriate name for their child. If you come from a certain background, you may want to name your child a name that originates from that country. This gives pride to your child that they are a part of this important community. Alternatively, it helps your cultures traditions, including names, live on with your child. It represents history, identity and a story. Choosing a name from your culture or your partner’s culture is a beautiful tribute to your child, their family, their history and community.

We have lists of beautiful baby names from all over the world to help you with your search!

Combine Names for a Middle Name

This is an interesting and fun way of coming up with a middle name! Some families combine two names of loved ones or themselves to create a new and dynamic middle name. For example, Sarah wants to honor her child’s maternal and paternal grandmothers. The maternal grandmother’s name is Anna and the paternal grandmother is named Isabelle. She combines the two names to come up with the middle name Annabelle. That way, both families are honored equally. Families can combine the names of grandparents, aunts, uncles or even themselves.

Combining names for a middle name can also be after your heroes! There are endless possibilities.

Selecting A Middle Name After Yourself or Your Partner

Giving your name to your child is a way to honor the bond of parent and child. Your name as a middle name is an honor. For some families, they choose a variation of the parent’s name as a middle name for the child.

A very famous example of this are actors Will and Jada Smith. Their first child, Jaedon, is the first born son of Jada and Will. Jaedon is a male version of Jada. Similarly, Willow, their daughter, is named after Will Smith. Many families do this for a middle name as a wonderful tribute to the parent.

Naming Your Child After Their Grandparents

Selecting your child’s middle name after their grandparents or your grandparents is a grand gesture to the family. You can choose one or both grandparents names. Middle names can be one, two or more names long! It is all up to you what you choose. This is a way to remember those who may have passed, honor those who are still here and create bonds for your baby and their grandparent. If the grandparent has passed, this is a beautiful tribute and keeps the story of your grandparent alive and well in your child.

Baby Name Generator

Many families choose a baby name generator to generate a number of possible middle names. The parents can then weed out the names that they do not like and find the perfect baby name. It may not have a sentimental value but the perfect baby name comes in so many ways, including a baby name generator.

Religious Naming

Other families choose a religious name for their child’s middle name. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish or other, you can choose a name that is religiously appropriate. Naming your child after religious figures is an honor to your family, the child, you and your religion.

A Maiden Name As A Middle Name

This trend is becoming increasingly popular in recent years! Many families name the child’s middle name after the maiden name of one of the partners. For example, if your maiden name is Cooper, you could give your child the middle name “Cooper.” This works for certain maiden names. Alternatively, you can look for the maiden name of your grandmother on either side. This helps honor the maternal side of the child.

Many cultures that do not have middle names and move to English speaking countries use the maiden name of the mother or the grandmother and give their child a maiden name as a middle name.

Name After a Meaning

Many names have wonderful deep meanings that may inspire you to on how to choose a middle name for your child. We have many lists of baby names with origins and meanings that can help you find that baby name that you desire.

If a name has a meaning that really strikes you, this may be a perfect middle name that works well for you, your child and your family.

Compliment Meaning of the First Name

If the first name has a certain meaning or flow, finding a middle name that compliments the first name sounds great. It flows well, it has a complimentary meaning and it rolls off of the tongue. Names that work together stick and they never get forgotten.

A Middle Name After Something You Love

Names with meanings are important, they set the tone of the middle name. If you and your partner love something, you can incorporate a middle name after something you love. For example, if you and your partner love being close to water, living near water, enjoying water sports, you can give your child a name that means ocean, or a water based name. Similarly, if you love to hike as a family, you may give your child a middle name that is a plant based name. This can be done tastefully and have a great meaning to you and your family.

How To Choose A Middle Name

If you thought choosing a first name was a challenge, you then have to come up with a middle name that compliments both the first and last name. With these top tips, you can find the perfect middle name that suits your baby.