How to keep your kids safe from asbestos



Asbestos is a natural material that was used in homes and commercial buildings for insulation, fireproofing and even noise reduction. Its wide use stopped around 1970s but one cannot be completely sure that there are no traces of asbestos at homes built even just before 1999. In general, asbestos isn’t dangerous unless it starts to crumble and release particles into the air. However, precisely because it can be found in old homes and buildings, this possibility has to be acknowledged and addressed properly. When inhaled, asbestos particles can cause serious health issues with lungs and throat, as well as the gastrointestinal tract. There’s even a risk of chest cancer. Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure complete safety of your home and family when asbestos is concerned. There are several tips you should take seriously if you want to protect your children from this potential health hazard.

Assess the main points of concern

In order to properly deal with potential asbestos risk in your home, you need to assess the main locations that are likely to contain asbestos. The most common places that may contain asbestos are the main insulation points – your pipes and stoves. However, if you have complete home insulation, you may be looking at a much bigger problem such as your walls and floors as well as the basement and the attic. The roof should also be checked together with old paint, appliances, and tiles.

Confirm your suspicions

As Elvis would say “we can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds”. Don’t let your perfect family life get taken away from you because you never acted on your suspicions regarding the presence of asbestos in your home. You can’t determine whether there are traces of asbestos present on your own, even if you do live in an older house or a building. In order to be completely sure, you have to ask for professional asbestos surveys to be carried out. On the same note, if asbestos happens to be detected in your residence, you should never attempt to remove it alone. A lot of big cities these days offer complete asbestos management services. For example, you can hire full-on testing as well as asbestos removal services in Sydney at the same time from the same expert company.

Check the schools and other buildings

Just like any other building, schools also pose asbestos risk. If you want to ensure the safety of your kids, you’d want to ask around and get relevant information regarding the presence of asbestos in schools and universities. If your children are just about to start school, you may want to choose an asbestos-free school. On the other hand, if there are no 100% asbestos-free schools in your area, check whether the asbestos is controlled and monitored. If your kids already attend school, make sure to get info on the present condition regarding this problem and what is being done to ensure complete safety of the students. Moreover, if you’re planning a family trip and looking for a place to stay, make sure to address the asbestos issue as you’re choosing your accommodation.

Be wary of certain toys

This might come as a shock but some popular kids’ toys may contain traces of asbestos as well. In general, things like artificial sand, crayons and finger-paint powder are the main reasons for concern when it comes to toys. Of course, not all manufacturers that make these particular toys use asbestos. This means that you have to be extra cautious about the toy companies you put your trust into.

In order to keep your kids safe from asbestos, you need to explain to them what dangers asbestos can pose to their health and well-being. Therefore, don’t avoid this topic and talk to your kids about the nature of asbestos and its potential locations. That way, the kids themselves will learn to be more careful and will be able to report back to you if they have some concerns as well.