Women no longer have to worry about their fertility reproductive health and cycles.  Ida Tin has created the Clue App, which calculates fertility window, periods and the dreaded PMS. We interviewed Ida about this app and how it is changing the face of women’s heath.

Tell us about this new, innovative app…

Clue is a free mobile app that helps women track their reproductive health and cycles. The Clue app calculates and foresees the users’ fertility windows, periods and PMS. It informs women about when they are the most or least likely to get pregnant.


Many women have fertility challenges, how can this app help them?

Clue helps women understand their body and cycle, which of course includes ovulation and the fertile window. Knowing exactly when you’re fertile is the first step toward getting pregnant.


What kind of data can it track to help women with their fertility?

Clue can help women trying to get pregnant track their period start date, the days they’ve had sex, their body basal temperature (BBT), their cervical fluid quality, and as many custom tags as they’d like, from stress to cervical position.

What can women learn about themselves while tracking their fertility?

This is the fun part. When women learn more about their cycle and fertility, they gain a better understanding of their overall health. Every person’s cycle and unique patterns are different – not everyone has a 28-day cycle or ovulates on day 14.


How can this help a women’s OBGYN or regular doctor?

When you visit the doctor, almost always the first question you’re asked is, “when was your last period?” With Clue, you always know the answer. It can also help you be more informed when speaking with your doctor about how long you’ve been trying to conceive.


Can Clue help women who are beginning menopause?

Definitely. Menopause is defined by one year without a period, and it’s hard to know when your last period was unless you’re keeping track. Clue helps perimenopausal women track their last few cycles and determine when they’ve entered menopause.


Tell us a bit about your team

We are a 19-person team with a balanced gender mix, representing 10 different countries. Our CEO, Ida Tin, founded the company with three other entrepreneurs in 2012.


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